Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter--Random Stuff

I hope everyone has a safe Happy Easter! My whole family usually doesn't do anything special since the kids are older but my sister's birthday is usually around that time so we have her b'day party in between. However, my sister said we would just wait until her hubby comes home from Brazil because he wants to cook something for everyone.

I usually cook a little roast but I decided something different. I cooked pork shoulder Thursday. I am going to cook spaghetti and meatballs with  green beans, garlic bread and deviled eggs.  My daughter, her girlfriend and roommate are coming.

One thing I do miss. I miss Layla and I dying eggs and having a Easter Hunt. That was so much fun. She is too old now.

MyLove and I  went Easter shopping. Can't say what I bought for in case my daughter reads her Facebook, another place I write a 'blog'.

When we were checking out a lady had just as much as we did. MyLove, trying to make conversation, asked her if it was all for her or kids. She looked embarrassed and said some of both. MyLove laughs and says most of ours is for us. I scolded him for embarrasing that poor woman! I took out the jar of spaghetti sauce I was looking at the servings. One serving to them is 1 tbsp and there are 50 servings for jar. I had to laugh because how many people eat one tablespoon of spaghetti? This spaghetti sauce is so delicious. It's called Cajun Power. It's all natural ingredients with 2% fat and 4% dietary fiber. We usually use Hunts Traditional tomato sauce that has a helluva lot salt and perservatives.

It's a shame all holidays for Jesus are so materialistic and people seem to forget the reason. Jesus was crucified Friday and Easter Sunday is the day of his Resurrection in my faith. I've heard various believes involving Paganism, Jewish, etc.

Isn't it ironic that the government wants to take "In God We Trust"  off our currency, they don't want to say the Pledge in schools or elsewhere, they won't allow prayer in schools and elsewhere, however, they have the weekend off. Go figure. That's our government for us!

Have a Wonderful Safe Easter!

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