Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Sister's Birthday

Today is my only sister's birthday. She is 52. She probably wouldn't appreciate I said this but she doesn't read my blog anyway. I don't think anyway LOL.

She is my only sibling and God has blessed me! She has put up with me for 48 years. She sat on the back burner when my parents were dealing with me. She had to go without a mom when mom was with me in hospitals.

She was always there for me and I never felt an ounce of resentment towards me. As a matter of fact I remember when I was the typical pesky sister when I was mobile. When I was bedbound after surgeries, I remember mom opening the window so I could see the neighborhood kids and she alot of times stayed near where I could watch with her friends.

I remember every day anticipating as I watched through the window waiting for her to come up the hill after school. I knew she had a bag of potato chips for me. A couple of times, the machine was out. But I could count on her.

When I had to have major surgery right after Layla was born she stepped up, and took care of my child while Mom took care of me at the hospital. She would drop her off with her child at the babysitter, pick her up in the afternoon, fed her, changed diapers, everything for her then after a long day's work she would bring my baby to the hospital so I could see her every day. She gave me a peace of mind that my child was taken care of.

I remember all the times we spent on the telephone with our problems, she was there for me every time. She heard me cry, laugh, worry etc.

I know at the drop of a hat she is there for me when I need her. I think she is the best sister God could ever give to me.

Happy Birthday Mel!


  1. WOW.. this brought tears to my eyes!!! :-)

    you definetly are very blessed :-)

  2. I didn't mean for you to bring tears. So much more I didn't say about her. I am blessed and thank God every day.

    Thanks for reading and commenting. Much appreciated!


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