Sunday, April 24, 2011

We've Got Power--Easter Sunday-Dreams

As I've said previously, one of our neighbor's grandkids and kids were driving us nuts. Neighbors Are Stupid explains it all. Well yesterday, we noticed people were bringing stuff down including mattress and headboards. We couldn't believe she was actually MOVING because of our complaint. We believe they moved to another apartment down the street. We weren't requesting her to leave. When we talked to the manager, we told her that there was nothing against the neighbor, it was just her family who did not live there but came nearly every day with their loudness.

I guess that since she is moving, her sassy-needs-his-butt-spanked grandchild thought they were moving anyway and stomped up and down this morning. Once, he was walking down and he dropped his X-box. I know its Easter and I should be nice but I thanked God for paying back that brat. The X-Box didn't break into pieces but it surely slowed him down.

At last! We don't have to pay worry about our cars or stomping up and down. God answers.

My BabyGirl and her girlfriend came. The roomie didn't come. My meal came out great although I hardly ate anything. I don't know what it is with me lately but my appetite is gone. You know how you eat something and it feels like its only growing...well that's how it is for me. I am sorry. I know that was gross.

MyLove, Babygirl, Girlfriend and I had a nice get-together. They seemed to enjoy it. I was telling the Girlfriend my experiences with God to explain to her why I believed in him and my daughter started crying. I hate doing that to her.

When Layla was conceived I asked God to make her my miracle baby. She didn't have to be perfect, afterall, who is? He answered my prayer and gave me my Babygirl. When she was born, when I prayed I asked God to please let me live until she graduated high school. He answered the prayer.

She once told me after she graduated I need to ask him to keep me for her on the earth until she graduates college. I pray and ask him but I know if something would happen to me, she would do just fine.

Anyway, we talked about other stuff, it was a great day and I got to know her girlfriend more. She is such a great person.

I've been through alot with Layla and her boyfriends then girlfriends and I can say she is one of the best she's dated.


As usual I've been having weird dreams but haven't written them down.

Last night I had a dream that my Ex was chasing me with a lamp shade with a sword at the end. He was chasing me around a big round table I've never seen before. I haven't seen the lampshade or sword either, that I can recall.

I was throwing bowls, plates, everything I could grab, to delay him. It worked for some time but right when he was going to catch me, I woke up.

This afternoon, after the girls left, I sat her and fell asleep for a short nap and all I can remember is a glass falling and as I was trying to catch it, it kept falling. Go figure!

Hope everyone had a safe and great Easter weekend!

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