Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mowing the Lawn

Well is it lawn when its 3 acres of land with a tiny shed? This past week MyLove asked me if he waited to mow his land this weekend, if I'd go help him. I went a few times but wasn't comfortable because that land was community property between he and his ex that had to be settled. Since he signed the papers and the lawyer has them and they are waiting to go through court I felt a little better about going help him.

Usually he takes a couple of hours to weedeat or mow half after work and does the half the next week. He thought it wouldn't be so bad since we didn't have much rain. Our plan was I would do a section and he would weedeat.

When we got to his 3 acres we're like, "Holy Sh-t"! There were little cactus like plants sporadically with what looked like cotton growing on the sides. The grass was about 2 feet tall and it looks like all kinds of grass, partof it was white and brown which reminded me of wheat but it wasn't.

His little shed he has on there is down. It was a rickety shack with crap he didn't know what he had in there. It finally fell after a large storm but there is a big pile of boards with termites now. 

I got on the lawnmower and he went over the controls with me. He has to fix the seat to bring me up more so I can reach the brake although I can't press the brake hard enough to start it. he pressed the brake and I turned the key and it came on, put the throttle up, put the cutter down and pulled into 3rd gear and I was on my way.

I am so glad I brought my mask. There were dust, grass ant piles blowing all over. I ended up doing about 2.9 acres since the other 0.1 was across the street by the bayou that is a forest of trees and shrubs. He did all the weedeating. Oh! And the weather was so nice with the breeze. I even got me a small tan and we got to wash off my car.

We were hungry and thirsty so we decided on a Chili Hot Dog from Sonic, french fries and their delicious drinks. Of course, I got my Dr. Pepper and he got a Hi-C Punch.

After I ate I couldn't stand the dust and dirt in my hair and everywhere so I took a hot shower. When I pulled my shirt over my head, a wind of dust and grass followed. I was sneezing like crazy.

I'll probably pay for it tomorrow or the next few days with my allergies but it was fun. It reminded me of  when I would cut the grass on our land with my ex. It wasn't half of what I cut today but I liked doing it.

Now we don't have to worry about it for another 2 weeks!

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