Sunday, April 17, 2011

Neighbors are stupid

MyLove and I live in an apartment complex. I moved here with him. It seems we can't get intelligent people as neighbors. I understand this is an apartment complex and kids will be around, loud etc. But there is NO playground around here. It's all complexes and parking spaces for the lessees. The lessee parks whereever. MyLove and I tend to get two spaces right in front of our apartment. If those spaces are filled, no problem we park in the other 3-4 spots over or park on the other side.

However, I really have a problem with kids and adults playing frisbee or football right in front of my car, hitting it several times. We have a neighbor upstairs on the other side that has sons, daughters and grandkids that stay in her 2 bedroom apartment. Both of our apartments are carbon copy so how does 3-4 adults and 3-7 kids live there, if they do I don't know. I don't think they all live there all the time but it sure as hell seems so.  The lessee moved here about 5 months ago and she did say to let her know if her grandkids gave us any problems.

I've already asked then yelled at the brats  for climbing on MY bench that is right outside my door. They know it's not theirs! I also yelled at them for playing Frisbee and football by MyLove and I's cars. I've witnessed the balls and Frisbees hitting our cars. Luckily nothing has broken yet.

Today, her bald son, out of shape daughter and two kids were playing Frisbee right in front of the parked cars, OUR cars. Remember from my previous post, we have a breeze today as well! Well I saw the frisbee skip onto MyLove's Car sliding onto my car stopping on the hood.

I stuck my head out the door and yell, "Ya'll need to NOT play in parking lot near my car!

Baldy with stupid look: "What?"

I yell and pointed around the corner near their car, "Go play over there!"
Female resident who works in office and lives upstairs: "They can play there, its the street!" I wish I could come up with comebacks immediately. Later I thought I should have asked her if she saw any signs indicating it was a street. However, I couldn't think that fast.


Female responds, "Well don't park there!" Is she an idiot or what? She is telling me NOT to park in a perfectly marked parking space?

I gave up because some people are so stupid! They continued to play.

But the office will get a visit from MyLove (Since he owns the lease.) tomorrow. Not dealing with that bitch.

Last time we had problems they told us to write a formal complaint so here it is:

April 17, 2011

Dear Manager,

We are writing a formal complaint.

We live in Apt 513 and can't seem to have a quiet life here anymore.

I've seen adults and children playing Frisbee or pitch and catch with a football in the parking lot in front of our apartment near cars. We've already asked the kids before to stop playing near our cars previously.

Today, we watched two adults and 2 children from the top apartment on the opposite side of ours. We think the lessee is an employee at the office. I witnessed the people throwing the Frisbee with the Frisbee hitting both of our cars numerous times. When I saw the Frisbee land on our car I opened the door and told them to stop playing there. The people who were playing looked at me confused. An unknown voice from the top of the stairs announced that they could play, its a street. I assumed it was the lessee. I protested and informed them all that it was a PARKING LOT and they're hitting my car. She mumbled something. I saw I was not getting anywhere so I came back in the apartment and decided to write this complaint. They continued to play and seemed to ignore our requests.

We've seen this activity repeatedly. We understand kids need a place to play but why does it have to be near our cars in the parking lot or by our window? In the past few months we just can't seem to get quiet and peaceful living with kids stomping up and down the stairs, yelling by our windows, both adults and children playing in the parking lot with fear of them hitting our cars. If our cars are damaged the question would be who would be liable?

Also, we thought there was a loud noise ordinance. We continuously hear loud music from cars as they come and go throughout the complex. Some people sit in their cars with blasting music for several minutes. However,by the time the cops would come they would be back in their apartments and its usually after the office is closed. You never heard from us until a couple of months ago. We respect others property and peaceful living, why can't ours be respected as well?

I request management to remind all residents what constitutes peaceful living and specify to not play near cars. I would think it would be a safety issue as well. And if residents proceed to do these activities who will be responsible for damages.

Thank you for your attention to this complaint and look forward to your reply whether it be recommendations or management resolving the issue by speaking to residents.

So there it is..We shall see what they say and what happens. All I know is they need to stop it!



  1. that would frustrate me too!!! :-) we had an issue at my job... the people in the building next to our would play catch in our parking lot and would make it so our delivery trucks (semi's) couldn't come down our drive way or people couldn't back up.
    we had to talk to the rentors of the building and then the owner to get anything taken care of. :-(

    people suck sometimes! lol.

  2. Yea they sure do, thanks for sharing your story and reading my post!


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