Monday, April 25, 2011

Neighbors Move With a Bang

We found out the assissine neighbors are moving to another apartment around the corner which is fine with me. As long as they are not playing near my car or stomping on the stairs etc, I'm good. They better stay on their end.

We have witnessed the older grandson, which is about 12 years old, repeatedly getting in the car driving around the complex or drive back and forth into a parking space. Evidently he was given the keys. The first day his grandmother moved in we saw him driving. The dimwit grandparent and parents evidently knew because he would honk the horn with his little brother riding inside.

MyLove and I kept telling each other one day he was going to get into an accident. We were afraid he was going to go over the sidewalk into our living room.

Today, I guess he was trying to back up into a space across the street, However, when he turned to get straight before he put the car reverse he drove down a deep dip from the parking lot to a culvert . Yes folks! He went into the ditch! There is a fence he barely missed and a tree by inches.

We knew it was going to happen wondering if someone was going to be harmed in the process. Our maintenance men with a twin cab big ass truck attempted to pull the car out but it was going to ruin the bottom of the car so they left. 

The dimwit father finally arrived and stupidly tried getting it out but his wheels just swirled causing mud and leaves flying. An hour and a half later a tow truck arrives and he couldn't just pull it just like that without taking the bottom of the car out. So he made a telephone call. As they waited, the two trucker was asking the boy questions and after he sat down and never moved. Not moving is amazing in itself! LOL!

Maintenance men returned with a circular saw and plywood. They put the plywood under the car and finally got it out. The father signed the receipt.

So my question is will he get any reprimands for this? I seriously doubt it, the adults are just totally stupid. Did he learn a lesson? I doubt it. He is one of those smart ass kids that thinks he is all that. MyLove says he can picture him in a gang or in juvie by the time he is 18. I tend to believe he is right!


  1. Shoot - sorry I didn't to your blog, I tried clicking on your profile but it wasn't going through. I'll add it to my next post - your comment was funny, made me laugh out loud!


  2. After I commented I went back to my profile and realized that I wasn't sharing my profile so THANK YOU for helping realize it. I'm good, you put my name out there and I made you laugh, what else can a girl want? :)..Peace!

  3. 12 year old driving? What the heck? Some people ... I don't know what they're thinking.

  4. Anna, yea, he couldn't even see over the steering wheel. We were waiting for him to run into something and it was due. They're so ignorant, its ridiculous. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  5. @kat Yes ma'am it sure was! It's been so peaceful. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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