Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hot Dog vs. Chili Dog

Hey I noticed yesterday, it was my 100th post AFTER I published it. And coincidentally, it was about MyBabyGirl, one of the most important people in my life, how coincidental is that!

My love and I have debates on what constitutes a hot dog and what constitutes a chili dog .

When I was growing up, a hot dog was a a weenie with chili with condiments and a chili dog was just bread, chili and condiments with NO weenie.

His version of a hot dog is weenie, bread and condiments and a chili dog is a hot dog with chili and condiments.

So what is YOUR version of a hot dog?

My favorite dog, by MyLove's description version is Bread, weenie, mustard, onions, chili. I don't get having a regular hot dog with NO chili. But have eaten a chili dog without the weenie.

MyLove's thought process is if you have a package of 8 hot dog buns and a package of 8 wieners, we should have the same of both. However, sometimes I don't feel like having a wiener so I use a Hot Dog BUN with chili and condiments, NO wiener. So that explains more wieners than buns.

I guess its one of those things, as a couple we will never agree upon :). Another thing to make him think I'm nuts :).

Oh well....Here's a funny pic I got off Facebook


  1. thanks, but mine's just fine ala carte.

  2. If you have no dog on the bun, then it's pretty much a sloppy joe. Just sayin'... I'm with your other half on the definitions there, hon.

    Congrats on the 100th post!

  3. Thanks Krissy!

    I guess I lived a sheltered life..Noone but me thinks like me :).

    LOL Elliot!

    Thanks to both of you for reading, following and commenting. Will do same as soon as blogspot cooperates :)


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