Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Baby Girl

I guess blogger is having more issues or its my computer. Yesterday or the day before I was able to login correctly and comment. But I just came in the back way. I am hoping this post is able to publish.

Why is it that when software or a website has problems, the company tell you to either a)Delete and redownload or 2) Clear cache, cookies etc?


I still get mail for my Baby Girl. I received something in the mail for her and told her on facebook because :
1) She doesn't have internet at her apartment YET.
2) She dropped her phone in soup and it works sometimes and when it does, we lose connection
3) She will respond faster if I message her on Facebook or if she doesn't, her girlfriend tells her I am trying to get in touch with her.

I know! PATHETIC! But its what our world has come to.

Anyway, she came unannounced because she had gone to her dad's wife's home to get more mail and realized they had left for the weekend for Memorial Day. You know how blondes have the steroetype of Dumb Blonde or Scatterbrained Blonde? No offense to you blondes out there!

 Well, my child is Scatterbrained Blonde. Don't tell her I said that though! She is so smart in academics but when it comes down to every day stuff, God help us all and she has been that way since she was born!

We had a nice visit. Short. But nice. She has announced that she put her right mailing address to where she is now because she plans on staying where she is for the next few years while she is in colllege. THANK YOU GOD!

When I hug her I don't want to let her go! I don't know what it is. In a way I feel slighted. I know I am not. We have a great relationship and she makes an effort to come see me at least once a week or we go do something together.

As a parent, I realize how strong a parent's love for their child can be. I love her so much. I never have enough time with her it seems.

At least she just stands there now and lets me love up on her. Yea! I think she senses I need that. Just put my arms around her and wet her cheeks with my kisses. Today, I hugged her and just stayed there for a few minutes. She asked, "Mom, you're gonna let me go?" I wanted to say, "Hell No! I'm keeping you! I am going to put you in your room and lock it so when I want I can go in and hold you and hug you anytime I want!"

However, that would be so selfish.  Instead, I let her go, walked her to her car, grabbed another hug and kiss and watched her drive away.


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