Friday, June 24, 2011


When I was a kid, we lived in a 2 bedroom wooden house two houses away from the salt mine on Avery Island. I remember our house shaking every time they blast underneath us. It was an awesome place to grow up. However, this post is not about my house. This is a post to make you laugh, I hope. It's about feet. 

My sister and I shared a room. When our friends came for a sleepover the other slept on the couch. This particular evening, my sister and her BFF had gone out. I don’t remember where. But I decided to get into the role of pesky little sister and decided to play a prank on them.

I was small so I crawled under the bed flat on my stomach and waited. They finally came home and walked into the bedroom. I had to put my hand over my mouth from giggling because I knew I was going to scare the crap out of them. So I waited for them to walk by the bed. When they did I  grabbed my sister’s legs and she kicked me, jumping on the bed screaming. I crawled out of the bed laughing my butt off. My mom came running in as  my sister and her friend were screaming. I was sitting on the floor, couldn’t get up because I was laughing so hard. My mom ordered me to get to the sofa and go to sleep.
Thereafter, occasionally I would get on my knees and taunt my sister, “I’m gonna get you.” She would move away sometimes running and yell, “Mom! Tell Lisa to leave me alone.” I would get scolded but I got laughs out of it.

I still giggle thinking of that prank. Sorry my dear sister if you read this!
I remember my dad sitting on his recliner and we would play this game. I would put my finger between his toes and he would grasp my finger with me trying to prevent him from grasping it.  It hurt when he got hold of it thought. 

I couldn’t do that with my toes and just thought it was fascinating that he could.  I don’t recall dwelling on or even realizing I couldn't move my toes.
As a kid, I had multiple surgeries due to my CP and my mom had to help me exercise them and one of them would be to take my foot in her hand and roll my foot in circles. It felt so good!
When My BabyGirl, her father and I were a family, we had a cat, Biscuit.  Stupidly, we started playing around with him with our feet. He started chasing our feet, clawing and scratching. My BabyGirl, as most children do would just get up and start running. Biscuit would run after her feet attacking them. He would go after our feet especially when we are barefooted.
One day the three of us were sitting down, can’t remember the details but they were wiggling their toes. My BabyGirl asked me to wiggle mine but I couldn’t. Due to my surgeries in back of my ankles it prevents me from wiggling my toes, I assume.  I think it was the first time I even thought about if I could wiggle my toes.

I remember my BabyGirl encouraging me to keep trying and I tried but it is just not in God's plan.Oh well, wiggle toes vs be able to walk..I'll take the walking.
I have small feet. I can get away with buying a child’s shoe. A child’s shoe is less expensive than an adult’s.  The trick is to find a child’s shoe that looks like an adult’s.  I always need a shoe with a back because the shoe doesn’t stay on my feet.  I rarely walk outside barefooted because the way I walk, I skin my toes and that is no fun. I can’t buy cheap shoes because I need the support and the sole of the toe needs to be thick because I wear them down within 6 a couple of months.

Right now I really need some shoes as the sole is worn all the way through but I am procrastinating  because I know I’ll be paying 70-100 bucks for a pair of shoes.
MyLove tells me I have “Hobbit feet.”   He explained they’re just small curve upward and it reminds him of a Hobbit.  He can call them anything he wants as long as I get those foot massages he lovingly gives me…

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