Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tech Support

Why is it that when you contact support for problems with software or their site they always push off the problem to be your computer or the device you are using?

Recently, I've been playing this game on my Itouch. It's a game you play with other people. It was always updating and freezing. I think if I put my money into a game, it should at least work properly, wouldn't you say?

I wrote to the Tech Support of the game and they told me to reset the Itouch. I did. It still froze and upated constantly every single time I opened the game, sometimes for hours. Yes, I just let it do its thing once just to see how long it was going to take. . I could play my turn maybe twice a day if I was lucky. I wrote back telling them it didn't work. So they told me to delete the game and redownload. I did several times. No progress.

One of my points to the Tech Support was ALL of my other games worked fine. It was THEIR game that was the problem.

Let me tell you this process was weeks long because I would put it down frustrated and come back to it days after  because I kept telling myself I shouldn't be irritated playing a game.

About a month after I purchase the game, I received a survey to rate this game. I rated a 2 out of 5 and commented that it was a great game when it worked. And by that time I had written in their forum 2-3 times stating my problem. Others had the same problems.

So once again I left it alone, until this past week. I received an email with an invite to play the game. I gave it a shot. Now when I open the game it "REPAIRS" for about 3 seconds and the game starts.

Hmmm. I guess they finally figured it out or working on it. Who know.

One other recent problem: I got this email stating that my email provider will be changing to the New Email permanently in a month from the day I received the email. However, I can download it before. So I figured, if they are going to change it anyway I just as well. Now this Newer version has been out for a while not so they should have the kinks out right?

I downloaded it and I am sorry I did. Every time I go into my email,  a page comes up "The Newest Version of ___ Mail Can't Load.  We are unable to open your mailbox,  Try reloading again" and it gives me a code number.

I looked up the code number and it states it is a temporary error and it instructs to delete temp files, cache, blah blah.

 Anyway the page with the code number gives me two options: Continue to _____! Mail or return to the ORIGINAL ____ Mail.just this one time. or return to the original Mail.

So I'm thinking, if it does not work now, how is it going to be when it the NEW permanent version is intact? I went back to the original and I guess we shall see what happens.

Sometimes I strongly think technology is not all that reliable and why do I put myself through it. "SIGH"

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