Sunday, July 31, 2011

Medieval Times

I apologize for the delay. Real life happens. Also, I've been trying to find the words to describe the event. It is hard to put the experience into words.

Let me just tell you whether you are into the Medieval times or not. This is a MUST see.

Everything was organized.  It was beautiful. As an adult, I realize how much creativity and hard work these people and horses put into the show.

I'll just jump right in to the Medieval Times Tournament and Dinner

When we arrived, a line had already formed. Mind you, this was about 5:50 pm. Our tickets showed 7:30 pm but the doors were opened at 6:30.  .My love had gone all out in getting us a VIP package which consisted of dinner, a banner, a crown, a program, CD of behind the scenes and a picture with a royalty.

Since we had a picture voucher, Princess Leonora was sitting on her throne. They took pictures then offered a theme picture for $15. I let MyLove pick and of course he picked the Dragon Slayer.

They frowned upon taking pictures in the building but it looked like a castle.The pics I will post are from the Internet. Although there were flashes all over, we obeyed the rules.

It was magical. I thought later, if I was awed by the whole thing, can you imagine what a child feels the first time he enters?

Everything was overwhelming.

We walked into a castle length dungeon-like area. There were coat of arms decorations, statues of knights, swords decorations.  etc. We had no clue what to do as people were all over the place. The doors to the main auditorium were locked. We saw displays to buy overpriced.'souvenirs. There was also a  bar that served humongous drinks we didn't touch. It was fun  to watch those who were getting intoxicated rapidly.

After some time, the Chancellor with his knights came out and made an announcement for the kids to be knighted. They called them by their names for them to feel important. We learned people with anniversaries, birthdays etc were knighted. The kids were knighted.

The Chancellor was so cool. I loved his voice. His voice just runs through me head sometimes. He and his knights were all very friendly and they interacted with the guests.

Finally, around 7:30 the King came out and in his special explained the festivities were about to begin and listed the rules.

They opened the doors and called out the colors. We were red and yellow. We followed our servant to our first row seats. There was the arena in the middle where everything will happen. Our servant took our drink order and she always addressed us as MyLady and MyLord.

The show told a story and was well played out. Our red and yellow knight was a young Hispanic gentleman with long curly hair your fingers just want to touch. The scenes were played as we ate and as they were changing scenes is when the servant would bring our food.

The horses were  Andalusian  They were gorgeous and very well trained . A scene showed the horses do tricks like go on their  hind legs. Just seeing  how the horse and knight work with another was amazing.

The knights had competitions and jousted and you can tell the way the fans were shouting the loudest fan section was the one winning. It was very interactive and kept your attention the whole time..

I jumped when they were sword fighting. Their swords touched and sparks were flying. You could see that they were faking but making it seem real. Actually, one knight accidentally hit another wrong and he fell to the ground but he acted like that was how it was suppose to be and eventually came through.

There was also a falcon show where the falcon soared over our heads. I kept telling MyLove, there has to be some kind of string. I couldn't see it. But I saw  his master whisper in a mic and did hand motions.

It didn't seem like an hour when it ended. I give minute when everything ended.

It was an unforgettable experience.


  1. They have that here in Myrtle Beach and someday when I can get my disability through, we have it on the list of things to see. Now I know we will do it based on what you described. So glad you had a great time and thanks for the narration!!! Sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. Oh cool! Yea, you need to splurge and go to one. I was hesitant because I am not a history person. It was amazing! Good luck with your disability. It helps when your doctor is adamant about you being disabled. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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