Monday, August 1, 2011

As promised-Pictures

I have finally scanned the pics. 

Here they are.:  Front of Castle
 Can you find me? hehe

MyLove, Princess Lenore and Yours Truly.

                                          My Love and I supposedly as Dragon Slayers

 I love this picture because it seems I am standing straight. It does show the CP stance. Pretty cool.

The owl was on the ledge of the roof. I didn't notice until we were walking down the stairs. Sorta creepy. It was like it was watching me LOL.

The swimming pool at the Sanford House. I made use of it. 
And the front of the Sanford House

The Front of the Sanford House



  1. Yes, it was Miss Rosie and OT Mom! I highly recommend for any age! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  2. Those are great pics. Love the dragon pic. And if I could I'd jump into that pool right this minute!

  3. Thanks Barb! No jumping in Pool Barb! It's unsafe. I had to laugh because it was 5-1/2 feet and I couldn't reach the bottom. Thank God I know how to swim and dog paddle :).


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