Monday, September 5, 2011


I hope everyone is having a wonderful Labor Day!

I was on a path of writing regularly than SLAM! I started a few but threw them in draft. My thoughts are all scattered. Let me just tell you recent events.

I got my disability check BUT not last month's. So I am in the system once again. I am still contemplating if I want to get a lawyer to see what I can do or just chalk it up to the government and leave it alone. I don't give up easily but what the lawyer would charge would probably take what my check is worth plus more. 

Last week My BabyGirl and I had a sleepover. We had our weekly outing. Since  MyLove was out of town and she seemed to be alone I asked her if she wanted to come spend the night. So she packed up and we came here. We watched two movies, talked and I put her to bed around 10:30. It was hard to do but I told her to take the phone off. We woke up and I brought her to college.

After her morning classes, I picked her up and brought her to the apartment so she can get her bike and ride back to college for her evening class. I enjoyed my time thoroughly and didn't want to let her go.

A while back I was searching YouTube for a country singer my daughter had mentioned. However, the suggestions on the side grabbed my attention. If any of you have not seen Annoying Orange you gotta see this. OOps I tried putting it below but it kept going where it is now.

There are various videos featuring Annoying Orange. The laugh is wicked. It is cool the way the creators have the mouth move to the script. I cringe every time the knife comes even though I know it is going to happen. I now have to have my "Orange" fix every day.

I also have joined a couple of groups on Facebook. One only accepts people with cerebral palsy. It is astonishing to see so many people with the same difficulties and although our lives are different, we have some similarities. It is nice to be able to know somone ACTUALLY knows how certain situations make you feel.

I also joined a "Remember When you Lived On" ...:.and it states the little island I grew up on.  It is remarkable how many people lived there before we did and after. We remind each other the little things we had forgotten. We remember the people that have touched our lives. We remember our adventures we had: Going to the sandpit, swimming in the bayou, stopping for the alligators to cross and much much more. Everyone remembered chasing the train man and he throwing candy to all of us. We remember our field trips, the little school we went to etc.

Most of all we realize  how special that island was to grow up on. We never thought we would be reminisicing living there. It was a true beautiful place to live.

 I used to wish there was a place like it to raise my daughter. But there will never be a place like it.

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