Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Monday was MyLove and I's anniversary. Four years ago, we met. I saw right off, he was DIFFERENT. About 9 months later we moved in together.

I almost didn't answer his email in SinglesNet right away. I had a lot going on at the time. He was on the back burner.  The guys I had been meeting were such idiots and liars.  I was at the point I thought I would never meet a decent guy who wanted the same as I did.

But two weeks after I received the email, I called him. I wasn't sure if he remembered me which for a second he hadn't. He said he had so many that didn't respond to his emails that he hadn't had second thoughts about it.

He worked faster than others asking me if I wanted to meet soon. I was taken aback because usually the men I met online took forever to ask to meet or I was not comfortable enough to meet them at such a short notice. I did have a dating regimen I followed when talking to someone online then meeting them. However, we met a week after our phone call. We closed down the City Park talking. The rest is history, as they say.

I love that he talks as much as me.  I love the times we can just sit for hours, talking about everything and anything.

I love we can be in comfortable silence. We can be in the same room all afternoon and not talk to each other.

He's sweet, kind and loving. He accepts me for who I am. He has tailored his fast walking to walking my pace.

He is a genuine MAN. He is comfortable in his own skin that he doesn't need to present the Macho crap.

He has seen me at my lowest. His arms around me and his shoulder to cry on is all that is needed sometimes.

He has seen me sick and did what he could to make me feel better. He brought me to the ER when I needed and stood by me the whole time. He has taken care of me.

He makes me laugh, laughs with me and sometimes at me, but that's okay. I do stupid stuff LOL!

He makes me feel wanted, love and accepted.

He is dependable but allows me to be independent.

We had chemistry from the day we saw each other.. His voice, balding white hair and shining eyes drew me in the first time I laid my eyes on him.

I have given him chances to move on. I've told him I knew I was a handful and nothing is ever the same with me.  He stays and reassures me that he is here for the long haul.

My Sister who has never said much about the men who have passed through our lives told me, "I LIKE HIM! He is a good MAN! She is right.

May we have the rest of our lives together. I love MYLOVE!


  1. Congrats on your anniversary you two love birds! That's really wonderful. That's how it should be and I hope you have many many more anniversaries to celebrate and look back on the past and reflect. He sounds like an amazing man!

  2. aawww... thats so sweet!!! :-) he sounds amazing.. hope one day i will meet a man like that for me!! :-)

  3. Barb, OT Mama and Path..Thanks to the three of you. Barb, he is an amazing man. I am lucky and thankful OT Mama, LOL. THanks. You WILL Meet that someone. It took me 2 failed marriages, and a few toads but I got my prince. You are still young. You will meet YOUR PRINCE. Never settle for less than you want or deserve. He will come. Thanks Path. It is MY Love story.

  4. you are very Lucky to find love again and yes some men are just great I have one too and you just know it many happy years to you and your love.....

  5. Awh that is so sweet! Happy Anniversary to both of ya'll. I am so happy for you---real men are so hard to find and I'm glad he entered your life. ((HUGS))

  6. Wow thanks Lori and Nancy for stopping by And commenting. Lori, yes I know I am lucky! So are you :). Nancy, that REAL MAN will come to you also. Look how long it took me for Randal to come into mine :). HUGS TO BOTH OF YOU!


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