Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day 2-4 Hospitalization--This and That!

Here's the continuation of my hospitalization story. It is real! It is MY true life!

Okay that was my LAME imitation of the cool voices of announcers! Did I make you smile?!

In my previous post I said my next post would be about the doctors. I've played with the subject and like everything else I write, I think too darn much. Here it is nevertheless.

First, I want to reiterate that every staff member was excellent from triage to discharge.
The only two complaints are: One it seemed it took forever in ER. Funny, There is a disclaimer on their site about waiting time. And two, what everyone complains about..their food!

The first night they served rice and gravy. It as just plain nasty! My mom even grimaced! So it was that bad. And three days later they served the gravy again.."GAG"

My Hospitality Doctor was Dr. King. He came initially around 7 pm the night I was admitted. He was a a  nice distinguished fellow. I could tell right off that I would like him.

I have Googled his name and can't find any thing of substance except he works at that hospital, where he went to school and is an internist.

We discussed my extensive medical and surgical history along with the meds I take. He seemed relaxed and informed me the blood work and x-rays were normal. He was concerned about my blood sugar and blood pressure fluctuating. .He said I had a bad virus that entered my intestines and with my malnourishment/weight loss my good cells just weren't there to fight back. 

Encouraging he said it would take a few days for the virus to move along and I would feel much better. I was not going to make a comment about the 'feel much better in a few days'  HOWEVER, Mom said it, "He hasn't gotten to know YOU  yet!" We had a chuckle!
During his visit, as he was interviewing me, he became the third person in the hospital since I was wheeled into the ER to ask, "Can you walk?" Why do people assume because you have CP means you can't walk?!

That was a loaded question because YES I can walk but at that moment..NOT! I want to bang my head against the wall when people see me in the bed or on a chair, find out I have CP and then ask if I can walk.ESPECIALLY medical professionals!

The next day, the nurse must have called him numerous times about test results etc because he came around noon. He said that with the dextrose IV my blood sugar has stabilized but he didn't know if it was something wrong or the virus. He told me before I could go home, my blood pressure and blood sugars needed to stop being erratic and I had to eat a meal that stayed down. He also referred an endocrinologist to look at me.

My mom had gone home to bathe etc but on her way back she bought a Subway sandwich. It wasn't the type I would have chose but let me tell you I ate half of a half that sandwich. It was so good!

The late afternoon my endocrinologist, Dr.Stout visited. He said pretty much the same thing as Dr. King. He didn't know what the cause of the blood sugars fluctuating meant so he ordered two tests..A CRH stimulation test (That was an irritating test) and CBG tests to test my adrenal glands

The next morning he came with results in hand and said there was an abnormality of my adrenal gland.  Which one? NO clue and never thought to ask. But for those who know my history and those who don't..a few years back during a test, it was found that my right kidney was is smaller than the left and only 25% functionally. It was on my chart. The urologist chalked it up to a birth abnormality. My question at the time was, "Why did any doctor ever see that with the many tests I've gone through in my life?" Still don't know the answer.

When the girl did an ultrasound of my tummy this hitch, she just blurted surprised, "Your kidney is so little!?"  Remember when I wanted to hit my head on the wall?  Repeat!

Dr. Stout wasn't sure if the abnormality is from my sickness or another underlying cause. He put me on Hydrocortisone until I see him in early November. 

Dr King told me to follow up with my Family Doctor. He also promised that he had been sending reports to my GI, Family and Pulmonologist.

So there it is life LAST week.  I also had my MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT. at the hospital in my entire life but debating whether I want to share it with anyone else. Maybe one person can learn from it. It is pretty me anyway...

Thanks for coming back and taking the time to read this craziness and sometimes respond. Appreciate all of you!




  1. Well we like Dr. King and Dr. Stout. At least they read your reports thoroughly and accurately. I sure hope you're feeling better every day and getting stronger. Please keep me posted. Hugs and love my friend.

  2. for some reason i am fixated on the rice and gravy....i must be hungry...

    sending healing vibes and putting you in my prayers...

    it sucks to be sick. it sucks to be in the hospital.

    at least you had a good doctor.
    i hope you have insurance.

  3. Thanks Barb. Yea, they were those kind of doctors that after they left you knew what was going on!

    bruce--You must be hungry! If you had seen the rice and gravy, you would not be hungry.

    Yep it just sucks all around being sick.

    I do have Medicare! And I do pay for it! A rep came to my room and helped me apply for "Hospital Charity". I have to send bank statements and 1099 so they'll pay what Medicare doesn't.

  4. I have always wondered why they give out such horrible foods at hospitals. They could just make some nice food, it's not that hard.


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