Friday, November 4, 2011

Another Diagnosis to Add to my Long List

During my 49 years in this crazy life I live I have learned to make my own list of previous medical history, surgeries and medication that that I keep on my computer. I update and bring it to a new doctor I see

Yesterday I went to my post-hospital follow-up visit with the Endocrinologist I was referred to while ill in the hospital last month. I thought I was just visiting him for a simple follow up as I considered my diagnosis was a mere awful bug causing gastritis etc. However, unknowingly I walked into what would be a very overwhelming experience.

He announced that I had Polyglandular Autoimmune Syndrome. As he presented my lab results to confirm the diagnosis he explained what it was. I heard "adrenal gland not working" (I knew it was 'insufficient' but never realize not working at all.), "ACTH way over the top", "no stressor" etc. He told me I needed to be on yet another drug for the rest of my life, gave me another prescription for Vitamin D, and advised me to get a Medic Alert for in case emergency because when I was admitted I was on the verge of entering the other world and it could happen again. He reassured me that if I take my meds, things should be okay.

My cuz has a friend who is a doctor asked her to explain it in more lay terms and she broke it down for her. So here it is

Polyglandular means multiple glands. Autoimmune means the persons' immune system is fighting their own body tissues. The adrenal gland is responsible for the body's adaptation to stress. If it fails there's a "system crash" when people get stressed or sick that can be life threatening. The thyroid gland controls metabolism. If it fails you get multiple symptoms including weight gain, fatigue, and slow heart rate. The heart can fail if thyroid function gets low enough. Heart failure can kill you. Type 1 diabetes in this disease is caused by antibodies to the pancreas which destroy its function. The person requires insulin or they die. People with polyglandular autoimmune disease usually require lifelong supplementation of multiple hormones to prevent death from multiple possible sources. Fortunately there are drugs available to replace all of the hormone deficiencies your cousin is likely to have, so if she stays on her medications and follows up with her doctor she should do okay."

As the saying goes, life sucks then you die! I am usually cool, calm and collected and accept what is given to me and move on. However, I have noticed as I get older, I get depressed and just wonder, how much more can my little body take?

To add to my stress, when I went to pay, my Debit card was denied. My bank is at it again! I went there and said my peace. Monday, I am going opening a new account at another bank and take my money out. That in itself is another story I may tell another day.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend. PEACE!


  1. I'm really sorry that you are having medical problems. I have not ever heard of that symptom. I hope you can keep it under control with your doctor.
    Not again at that bank....I would be there first thing Monday and like you said, take my money else where. I cant wait to read about that...keep posting and hang in there.

  2. Thanks Path! I've had medical issues all my life.The extent of it was just unexpected. I appreciate your kind words and thoughts. Oh, there is no doubt that I am moving my money elsewhere. I will definitely keep you and my readers posted.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear that you have yet another health issue to deal with. Thankfully you were hospitalized when you were or you may not be here reading my comment. The fact that you are here means you're supposed to be so just be glad, take your meds and enjoy your family and friends. None of us know what lies around the next corner. You're a tough cookie. I'm here if you need to vent!!!!

  4. Thanks so much Barb. Your offer has brought tears to my eyes. I so appreciate your kindness and may take you up on that one day. You are so right about not knowing. But I get so discouraged and tired when God keeps yanking me back and forth. LOL. It's one thing I have learned to do, is take meds so no worries about that. I definitely enjoy my friends and family! Thanks for reading and commenting. Love you my friend.


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