Sunday, November 6, 2011

Excited -25 days Until Viva Las Vegas!

We're beginning a new week and hope everyone has a great week. Be safe out there!

Last week was yet to be desired for me if you should go back and read. My diagnosis and the bank situation has overshadowed my excitement of MyLove and I's upcoming getaway. I've been trying to get everything in order.

However, to keep my sanity I have tried focusing more on our trip, getting everything together so I won't forget anything. I know there is a high percentage that I will end up forgetting SOMETHING but hey, I can say I tried, right?

The last time I traveled by airplane was more than 10 years ago. Guidelines have changed. I was worried about my meds but I think I understand what I need to do. I'm anxious to see how MyLove and I will put 14 pair of clothes in one suitcase. I worry about wrinkles etc and the typical male he is, makes that the least priority to worry about.

We have a straight flight which is a relief. When we get there, we just need to get on the shuttle that will bring us to the hotel. My main concern is for it to stay in the air and not crash with me in it!

I wrote a company MyLove and I are interested in visiting while there so I wrote an email inquiring what I needed to know. Almost right away, I get a response but it just said "TEST". So I responded, "Yes, I AM A REAL PERSON" with a smiley face. I had to chuckle.


  1. Been to Vegas so many times. I also love flying but with all the new rules as you say, it can be a pain in the rear end. Don't worry about wrinkled clothes. Go on line and look at the hotel where you will be staying and I bet each room has an iron and board. Meds and makeup only need to be in clear zip lock bags. The hotel also has shampoo, conditioner, blow dryer so you. don't need those. You could also take half the clothes and wash one night there in the hotel. The other thing I find is we always take too many clothes, so go back through the pile again just before packing and you will be surprised how much you wont need.
    Have lots of fun and be safe. Winn A MILLION!

  2. I emailed your response..Thanks so much!


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