Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bank Saga Climax

It was an early morning rise again today. I checked my account online and it looked all back to normal. So I arrived for Rick and I's scheduled appointment. He was cheery.  Thankfully, he delivered on his promise.God does answer at time of need sometimes!

We spent some time going over every thing that was wrong and made sure it was all set straight. He had 2 original letters along with two copies and he showed me that he has one ready to mail to the company that they returned my check. All the NSF fees were cleared and deposited into my account. His offer was 200 bucks. I had no idea what to expect so I agreed. He immediately deposited the money into my account. It is so nice to see my account back in good standing. I got some cash, we exchanged our goodbyes and I left. I walked out the bank and a big whoosh just fell over me! It was like a 100 ton rock was lifted off my shoulders.

I proceeded to go to the DMV and renewed my driver's license without any problems nor a long wait.

I went to the NEW bank to open my account. The lady who was there yesterday was not there so another lady Malyn took care of my business. I don't know if this is an omen or not. She had a file on me that the other lady had made. She set me up and she told me I could call SS to get my auto deposit changed. That drew me aback and I informed her that the other lady, Henrietta had said she would call SS and I would have to answer questions but it could be done at the bank. Snootily, she said, "Well I am the only one opening accounts as the other gentleman is in a meeting so you have to call Social Security as I have no time." I was stunned!

My thought process was I am a new customer, you should make a better impression than this BS." However, I smiled and said fine. I figured I will get a survey and will definitely write my thoughts. She was nice but sorta snooty. Reason why I didn't just walk out was I realize everyone has a bad day as I have had lately and everyone else I came into contact with was warm and friendly.

I returned home and called SS. First, I tried the automated service 3 times, it kept saying they couldn't understand what I said.  I do admit I have a slight speech defect and my sss's and certain sounds do not sound like a person without one but I keep thinking it is NOT that bad. However, I guess if you are not used to me it is sometimes difficult to understand me. (All my friends/family out there, I sure would love for you to tell me your honest view, do you have difficulty understanding me! I won't be offended whatsoever. I just want other's perspectives.) I'll have a future blog regarding this.

Anyway, I attempted to get a LIVE representative but every time I got connected, I was disconnected. I was irritated so I went to the SS office. Wait time was 11 minutes and it took me less than 5 minutes to get it straightened. Hopefully, when I return from my VEGAS vacation I will be able to delete my OLD bank account.

Tomorrow I have to tend to my insurance auto draft and I get to see my BABYGIRL!.


  1. Betty: It sure does! But its my life. I just roll with the punches!

  2. Did you know you can do this on SS Disability's website? I changed mine just recently and it went through no problems. Just a future fyi. There's a lot you can do on their website. Glad you got your banking straightened out. Lord knows you don't need the stress. Hugs my friend!


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