Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pharmacy Savings!

I had a post half written since Wednesday and I have no idea what is wrong with me. I have been so forgetful and scatterbrained all day. (No sarcasm necessary LOL)

I have a question. Why do doctors make us fill out the long form with our pharmacy etc when they don't pay attention?????

Wednesday was my BabyGirl and I's mother/daughter day. With the whole mess of my bank if you have been keeping up, I was so afraid to do anything with my accounts so I put off getting my meds until that day.
On my way to meet her I stopped at my pharmacy to pick up my medications for the month. I had refills and two new prescriptions that were electronically sent by my endocrinologist. I will start calling him Dr. S. 

There are two CVS' on this particular street. My pharmacy is the Pont De Mouton/Moss Street The other is Moss Street/Willow St CVS. They are about 1-2 miles apart. I wrote the phone number AND address to the pharmacy on the form at the doctor's office. When doc told me his plan I emphasize that there was two and which one was mine. He even repeated Pont de Mouton!

I get to the pharmacy and my favorite pharmacy cashier was working. He is in early 40's male standing medium height, with greying goatee and alopecia. He is a very nice guy, always joking with me but yet professional. I have never seen him without a SMILE on his face. 

After noting there were two prescriptions missing he rechecked and said the two new ones were at the other CVS. "BIG SIGH" He suggested that it would be faster just for me to drive there and get it and instructed next month to call them to have it transferred to there. I had to agree. 

As I was getting ready to pay for the medicines that were at that location with one of my NEW unprinted checks, he told me they didn't accept unprinted checks. "SIGH" After discussion of their policy and a confirmation from his manager I had to leave without my medicine. 

I thought, why can't doing a task as simple as getting my meds be easy.

I went to the bank and got cash but I proceeded to start my day with my AWESOME LOVING BABYGIRL!

After a wonderful day with BABYGIRL, on my way home later that evening, I stopped at the OTHER CVS and picked up my two new medications. 

I always walk down the aisle with Ensure to check out the price hoping I catch it on sale. It finally happened..Two six packs for $13.99 but with a  coupon it came to 11.99..YAY!! I was so excited.

Also, I got this pharmacy discount card in the mail. I am eerie about things that are free. My Vitamin D2 is not covered by my insurance so I thought what can it hurt to try, right? 

It took them a while to call it in but it was worth it because instead of paying $26.35 I paid $16.24! And the other medication i take for leg cramps at night that I've had to pay full price was 10 dollars less. I was SO EXCITED..

So, if you don't have medications that isn't covered by your insurance,I highly recommend. Here's the site: Pharmacy Discount Card. There is no sign up or registration fee. 

So all in all, I was finally able to save $ on my meds and got a month's worth of Ensure for half the price...YAY..

Stay tuned for my almost altercation with a stranger as she was a royal BIOTCH but my BABYGIRL told me she was going to squish me LOL.

One more thing..I will be away from the computer for the first week of December. If anyone wants to write a GUEST POST please send it to me at my yahoo email ( It can be about anything you wanna write about! I have never done this before but I thought it would be interesting! I would appreciate it..


  1. I cant wait to hear the rest of the story....I's like I am reading a mystery book. Lol!
    I will send you a post I wrote back when if you want to use it as a guest post.

  2. I am glad I keep you interested! Thanks so much for reading! I appreciate it!

    My whole life has been a mystery, even to myself LOL..

    I would be honored if you would send me the post. I'll let you know when I schedule it and will certainly link it to your site. Thanks again!


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