Monday, November 7, 2011

Maddening Monday! Bank Saga Continues

I get up bright and early today thinking I'll get all kinds of things accomplished, right? Of course NOT, thanks to my bank! I hope they go under one day.

I have been afraid to do anything with my current bank. If you haven't been following, check out my latest post here.

As I mentioned on Thursday's post,  when I went to pay my doctor with my debit card it was rejected. On the way to the bank, I stopped to get gas. I know. I have such hope in things I shouldn't. Again, my card was rejected. So I went to the bank. I was understandably upset.

Rick, the one who has experienced my wrath multiple times slumped in his chair when he saw me coming. He asked me to sit and I told him thank you but I prefer to stand! I told him what transpired and he started clicking the keys. He shook his head and said my card was deactivated. I said who did that? He couldn't answer. They have not had one answer to any of my questions lately. I ranted as he kept apologizing. I told him ENOUGH apologies. Just fix the freaking problem!

An elderly couple was passing and the old lady, sweet as pie, took me by the hand and as she patted my back, attempted to soothe me saying to calm down, the young man will resolve the issue. I hugged her and said, "Ma'am, you are just too cute" but you have no idea." The little lady stood on the side of me holding my hand. I have to say that little lady just made me smile and after I returned home, made me miss nursing so much more. Maybe she was my guardian angel.

Rick told me that he could give me another card and I told him I was so tired that I don't want to deal with it. And promised him I would be back to close my account. He straightened up and asked what he could do to change my mind. I laughed and said yea right...I was there for 1/2 hour ranting and discussing things as the eldely sweetie pie sat on the side of me, encouraging me to calm down as it wasn't worth it. I eventually said my goodbyes, hugged the lady and thanked her for holding my hand. She told me God loved me and we hugged again.

This morning I went to open my new account at the new bank but I couldn't because my driver's license was expired. What can I say, except I keep thinking I had to the end of the month to renew and then the hospital and bank chaos started and I'm just behind.

So I go to my bank to cash a check and  get the money out to just go renew my license. The lady told me I was overdrawn and was not able to withdraw. I couldn't see it so I came home and went online. The bank is on a mission to destroy me, I swear!

First thing I noticed was a negative of 749.00. I knew that couldn't be because I haven't been able to take money out and only have two autodrafts. I don't even have that many bills. I noticed debits I knew was not mine! So I drove back to the bank with a copy of my online account and got RIck again. After an hour of searching he figured out the problem!  He said it was the computer at first but I told him not to give me that excuse. Only one autodraft was returned but I was charged 170 in NSF fees. Thank God for OD protection eh?

So I told him to fix it! He said he had to talk to his supervisor who was in a meeting. I told him let me make it simple...put your fingers to the keys, reverse every transaction and credit my is THAT SIMPLE. He pleaded with me to give him until tomorrow to fix the whole problem. He said he not only has to fix MY account but it looks like my account was mixed with another one so he has to fix that one too. He wants to do it right and will do it manually, whatever that means. He promised he would personally have it fixed and my account credited by tomorrow. He is pretty sure he will be finished by the end of the day if no other problems occurs but he wanted me to give him that time frame. He also promised he will have letters for the company that the draft was returned as well as a monetary offer on the table, he needs to get it approved before he offers me but he promises me that it will compensate for my aggravation.

I am not a total ass and saw that he felt beaten too. At that moment I could tell he finally saw the whole picture of my frustration. He apologized repetitively but the last few ones I could see it wasn't a 'standard apology.'. He sincerely meant it.

I actually have an appointment in the morning with him to see his offer and verify everything is normal....So the saga continues....

And I am not suppose to be stressed LMAO


  1. OH MY....Being in banking all those years made it like I was sitting in the bank lobby listening to you and the bank officer. I hope you get it straight soon. When a bank mixes two account they are suppose to wave EVERY fee no matter what. I would also ask for a letter from the bank with proof that they were in fault and not you. Goiod luck at the meeting!

  2. Well it all seems to be straightened now. I told MyLove, I hate being pessimistic but I will be paranoid until I can close the account for good. Thanks so much for reading and commenting!


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