Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lost In Space

I am in what seems to be a high school auditorium watching Martial Arts competitions. We are all in shiny knight's armor. It seems there are teams represented by the colors of white, red and blue. Looming above there are ominous white skulls with black holes instead of the eyes. They look like the aliens on Lost In Space.

The people are my BabyGirl's former karate friends, their instructors and strangers. The crowd is applauding and shouting encouragements to those in competition. I look around and see a baby in a carrier on a nearby table. I walk towards it and as I near it I see it. It looks like Dobby, the house elf in Harry Potter with its long pointed nose and huge pointed ears. I start talking softly to it and it whispers something. I don't understand. A voice hisses,"It needs a bottle." I look around seeing no one. I look back at the baby and spot the bottle behind the carrier. It is as big and shaped as a rocket. It is filled with thick sandy colored liquid. I pick up the life-size bottle and place the nipple in its mouth and it starts sucking.

In the interim, Sensei R comes and tells our team, we won and we each get $300. I am excited! I think I can do great things with this money. He hands each of us our checks in a large brown envelope. I see the check is written in my name. Seconds later, as I am putting it in my armor's pocket, a skull smaller than the others as if it is a child, tells me he needs to take them all back. I protest!  No! I need this money!

I glance towards the Baby and it is miraculously rapidly growing into a beautiful angelic blond child by the second! The story of The Ugly Duckling comes to mind.

I start hearing odd screeching noises followed by screams of terror. I see chaos as I turn. People are  running aimlessly  like a stampede of bulls. As the skulls soar through the air they are rapidly throwing double size adapter-like devices with attached cords. The devices are being thrown as if they are ropes cowboys throw in rodeos. The device lands and explodes seconds later! People within 5 feet of the explosion vanishes into thin air! The evil skulls multiple and the humans are unsuccessfully trying to fight back with sabers and guns.

I frantically look around me trying to figure out what to do. A skull spots me. I start to run. As my legs move I feel the cord slam into my back then twists around my body. I am trapped! I try to untangle myself from the cord. Whoosh...I finally wake up the last time from this dream.


It's been a while since I've written about my dreams. I haven't been remembering many. But last night I kept waking up during this dream. I hate dreams like this one!

I fall back to sleep. BabyGirl and I sitting at a conference table with our pulmonologist, Dr. H. Dr. H is a soft gentle doctor who has taken care of the both of us for several years. Of course, BabyGirl is about 6 or 7 years old. It never fails that she is younger when I dream about her.  She has the same sassy animated attitude in my dream as she had when she was that age in real life.

Dr H: Do you use the inhaler I gave you?
BabyGirl: No!
Dr. H. Why not?
BabyGirl in her girlish high tone sarcasm voice: "Well I don't need it!!! Duh!!!"
Dr. H. bursts out laughing. He has this uncharacteristic boisterous laugh as he slaps the table.

I interrupt this nonsense and ask him if he could refill mine. Dr H continues to laugh.

I wake up!


My Analysis:

BabyGirl and Dr. H: I wonder why I always dream of BabyGirl younger than she is. Maybe I subconsciously wish she was young again so I can do things differently?

I am bringing her to see him this week and do need to ask him for a refill of my inhalers so that dream makes sense.

Skull Dream: I watched Lost in Space last night and the very same aliens were in my dream. The 300 bucks, have no clue..I always can use money. The Dobby Baby I have no clue.
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  1. That is one freaky dream! I once had a dream in technicolor! It was very cool.
    Thanks for following me...following you right back.

  2. My Pleasure...and THANK YOU!

    Yea, if you read my other posts about my dreams, I have weird ones. Technicolor would be different and is so cool! LOL!

  3. Wow...those are intense dreams. I think your view of wanting baby girl to be younger is right. We have such a sub conciseness that we store our littlest of those and then we ream about them.


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