Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving-5 days til Vegas

Yes, it is coming fast! I am so excited. I have two responses to my request for Guest Posts while I am gone. I have 5 more fill ins if anyone should want to submit one. It can be about anything your little heart desires! Thanks to the two who have submitted!

I've been fighting whatever everyone else is fighting, nasal congestion and feel blah! You know how you are not sick but just feel icky? That's me!

I hope everyone had a safe and nice Thanksgiving as we did. I decided to play nice and had my time with BabyGirl so she could go to her dad's on Thanksgiving Day.  MyLove and I went to his family for Thanksgiving.It was really nice.

Before I met MyLove, there was a time when I dreaded holidays. I had to share BabyGirl with her dad. It is the worse kind of feeling to have a holiday gathering with someone missing. We shared fairly.  My sister would go to her in-laws that left Mom and Dad and I. Mom cooked once. One time we went eat a resturant. I know they did it for me so I wouldn't be alone.

When MyLove came along, things just changed. Mom and Dad was relieved of the feeling of having to do something for us. I know they never felt that way! They had an idea how hard it was for me to be alone so they attempted to fill the void and they succeeded.

MyLove and I's relationship is the first relationship I've had  to think about his family. My ex had no family so I didn't have to worry about juggling schedules to see everyone. Luckily, it all came into place and has done so since we have been together.

Stay tuned for my Guest Posts starting Dec 2nd.

Although I do plan on blogging throughout the month I want to wish everyone  a Merry Christmas and Safe Holidays. Drive defensively! Don't drink and drive!


  1. Have lots of fun on your trip and safe travels. I'm sure we will hear from you before Christmas but Have a really nice one just the same. Wish I was going on a trip.

  2. Thanks Traveler! Same to you! Yes, you will hear from me. Thanks for being a devoted follower. I wish you could come with me too :)

  3. Vegas sounds so exciting. Glad you had a great holiday! Hugs.

  4. @Barb: Thanks Barb! Yes, we are both bubbly in excitement! Hope the rest of your holiday season is a good one as well! HUGS!

  5. I so get the sharing your child on Thanksgiving/holidays with an ex!

  6. @Stephanie-Yea, I hated it with a passion but she is grown up now and on her own. I try to make her life less difficult, especially when it comes to her dad. I see her more often than he does anyway :) Have a wonderful Holiday season! Oh and thanks for being my newest follower!


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