Monday, November 21, 2011

New Car

If you having been following my blog, you know I've had many problems with my Saturn. MyLove also had trouble with his 20 year old car but he bought him another used car this past summer. At one point, we were talking about buying two cars as mine was 10 years old and costing lots of money. 

He kept asking me what kind of car I would want. I told him at this point, anything that just gets me where I wanted to go but it had to be automatically. I have no clue about what is the best car and even what was out there.

A week after he bought his new car, he had problems with it and was not happy. He continued to look at cars online. I assume from what he said he was looking to see if he could find him a better deal.  He would see a few cars and point them out to me and I would say cool or some other comment.

.My Saturn's warning lights had been going on and it drove rough.. My bearings absolutely needed to be changed but I just kept praying it would last longer. I have no means to buy a car nor finance one.

Thursday, he told me he wanted to go look at some cars the next day and see if he can find a good deal.I told him he had to go alone because I had plans with BabyGirl. When I returned that afternoon, he asked if I wanted to go see two cars. He had talked to the salesman at the dealership and test drove them but I needed to go see which one I would rather.

I was surprised and asked him why me. He said because it was going to be my car. We knew alot of things had to be done to the  car. It will also help him with his credit history. I was like OMG I am going to get a car that I can get in and not have to hope it starts or doesn't strand me!

I'll spare you the details of negotiating with the salesman and the nitty gritty of it all.  I hate buying a car because of all the BS salespeople give you. The dealership we went to is a very reputable company around here. I dealt with them LONG time ago with my ex's truck and they left no good impression. They still don't but I don't think any dealership has or ever will make a good impression.

I test drove a 2006 Honda Civic first. It was so much smoother and bigger. I told MyLove I could get used to it. He and the salesman then suggested I try the 2009 Chevrolet Aveo. I had seen a car like it and heard of it but as I am with other cars, have no clue.

My butt hit the seat and it was like magic..It felt better. I test drove it and decided I wanted that one. MyLove figured I would want that one because it was smaller.  It's  the same blue as my Saturn was.This is not the picture of my actual car but its what it looks like.

It only has 30,000 miles on it, it has automatic locks which I will have to get used to and a sun/moon roof.

So now we should be on the road for a while without holding our breath that something is going on. We are grateful and thankful that the dealership was able to work with us.

I am so lucky to have MyLove! I thanked him more than once this weekend. He has no clue how that thoughtfulness has made my life just that much easier. Well, maybe he does. But it's hard to explain...

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  1. Oh good for you. So happy. We both got ourselves new used cars. It is such a relief for me that I don't have to worry now. Glad you're doing well. Hugs.

  2. I love your new car! What a sweet heart you have!

  3. Thanks Barb and The Path..Yes I am lucky. So are you Barb! (Need to catch up on reading!)


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