Saturday, November 19, 2011

PART 2-Altercation--I Stand Corrected!

My apologies to the ones I've left hanging waiting for the next post. I have been really busy and I will some day tell you about it.

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Now onto my promised post.

If you missed my  last post it was my BabyGirl and I's day. She lives in an apartment complex.There parking lot on the north and south sides are like one lane alleys. The parking spaces are in the direction of the way you would be coming in. So logically, you would think the alley were one ways right?

I always enter on the South side as that is the way the parking spaces are by her apartment. There was also a ONE WAY SIGN on that side but none on North side. I assumed these alleys were one way because what idiot would come from the other way> They are so narrow it would be difficult to make a short turn to park, unless you backed into it.  Almost every time I go in or come out, some moron tries to come in or out the opposite direction. I think, "C'MON people, its common sense!" Right?

This particular day I was coming out and this white van was trying to cross the highway to come into the alley. I was trying to take a right but traffic was coming. The van was driven by a Bertha Butt woman transporting people to and from work..

Bertha Butt proceeds to try to cross and come into the parking lot..There was no where for her or I to go. A saturn-van stand-off began and we stare. I gestured my hands raised palms up looking at her saying "Where in the hell are you going?"

She proceeds to turn sharply into the next door's apartment and GETS OUT of her van. She is yelling  but I can't hear her so I roll down my window.  I remember vaguely BabyGIrl  saying MOM, don't. Just let it go."

I said, "NO, she is going the wrong way!" And I yell this to the woman.

She screamed profanity and I kept saying, "You are going the wrong way!'

We yelled back and forth. She starts threatening to beat my ass

She said, "I know I am going the wrong way, but raising your hands pissed me off bitch. I;d beat your ass."

I was getting ready to get out of my car as I was not going to let her intimidate me. BabyGirl was pleading, "Mom she is going to squish you!"

I started opening my door continuing to make my point, "YOU ARE GOING THE WRONG WAY!".

Bertha Butt got back in her car and I went along my way. As I was finally getting into traffic, I heard her peel out, honk her horn and call me BITCH again.

I wanted to go around to take her license plate down to call her supervisor but BabyGirl kept saying, "Calm down..No Mom. Just keep going."

I thought later, she knows how to diffuse me pretty good.

Anyway I always have wondered if it was a one way or not So I went to the website and filled a form asking who that sign was for and if it was a one way a Here is the correspondence.

 I am sorry about the confusion concerning the one way sign at the south entrance.  The sign was placed there by Uncle Bob’s Storage next door, it was intended for their business driveway.  I asked them today to remove their sign because it was causing so much confusion.  So it is now gone.

My response to that was:
 Thanks for responding. I assumed it was a one way not only because of the sign but because of the narrowness of the alley and the direction of  the parking spaces . Two cars can barely pass at the same time going different directions.
Just the other day as I was coming out from the north side, a woman in a van was trying to come in and I couldn't get out because of traffic. However, she turned and we were head on until she swerved into the parking lot next door. She proceeded to get out of her van yelling and we exchanged words. There was no where to go with her big van and my little Saturn.. 
Logically, I thought the "alley" ways were one way  because of the way the parking spaces are the same direction as the entrances. It would be difficult to park coming the other way. However, I stand corrected and now I know. Thanks for taking the time in helping me understand it.

Her last response was:

Thank you Lisa for responding.  Yes that entrance is narrow, actually they both are.  I have thought of changing it to be one way (one way in and one way out).  I may give that some more thought.  If we would change it I would notify the residents.

So there you go folks! I was wrong! But now I know!  I often wonder what these architectures and who plans these roads, parking lots etc were thinking when they designed it that way. Hell, what do I know!


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