Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Vegas: Entertainment

OOPS--I had this post in drafts and never got around to publishing it. DOH ME!. Let me see if I can finish blogging about my Vegas trip MyHubby and I went to last month.

We had no clue what we wanted to do in Vegas besides tying the knot  As in previous posts, unseen circumstances prevented us from doing more..

Besides People Watch, there are many things to do in Vegas.  Don't laugh! People watching in Vegas can be entertaining!. I think MyHubby was entertained by watching drunk women in tight mini skirts falling over their HIGH HEELS and BOOBS falling out. He kept saying, "Geezus" or "Did you see that?" "

Umm No Honey, I don't go looking at other women's boobs," I would respond. He would counter, "How did you miss that?"

Anyway during my research before we left, I obtained some free tickets to The Auto Collections.

It is the world largest classic car showroom. It was in our hotel! Most of the cars were for sale. For the girls, unless you are a car enthusiast, let your guy go alone. To me it was boring although I did see a few interesting ones out of the 240+ cars.

At our hotel, in the casino there were Dealertainers. They were impersonators of singers that would perform and deal. However, when they entertained it seemed the action in the casino stopped. To me they would have them to distract the gamblers. But what do I know, right?
Some of the impersonators we saw were Rod Stewart, Madonna, Taylor Swift, Tina Turner, Toby Keith, Shakira, Lady Gaga, and Bette Midler to name a few!

One night we saw the famous Carrot Top. It was the first time I saw him live. He was hilarious! He used a lot of props! Some were good and some were WTH? The only thing I didn't like was the way he ended the show. It was almost like  coitous interruptus (Not that I ever experienced it!). Sorry for the less than G rated analogy but it is what I can come up with at this very moment.  I heard similar comments as we walked out the auditorium.

At  Harrah' hotel and casinos next door we saw Legends in Concert! It was an hour of singing along, dancing in the chair, toe tapping fun!. It brought us back in time! The host was Impersonator Whoopi Goldberg. We were entertained by impersonators of  Elvis, Toby Keith, Bobby Darin, Carrie Underwood and Donna Summer. The Dance teams was awesome! A must see!

As we ate dinner one night we saw an intense display of an erupting Volcano at the Mirage. It was absolutely breathtaking with awesome sound effects! I read about it later, it underwent a $25 million renovation in 2008.

One day we walked through the Botanical Gardens at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino. Beautiful!!

We did obtain some free tickets to the Gondola Rides but we got lost and never made it. Oh well, another time maybe.

We also noticed  a lot of the performers, like Donna and Marie were on vacation during the week..

But all in all, it was a pretty good vacation. There was just so much to do and see it can overwhelm a person like me.


  1. My husband and I went to Vegas last February -- him for work, me as a tag-a-long. It was WONDERFUL!!! The Bellagio Fountain, the hotel/casino shopping malls, the Cirque de Soleil show we managed to catch....it was all just overwhelmingly awesome. We were only there from Wed. afternoon to Fri morning, but I so enjoyed it. It was a completely un-real experience for a Mississippi country girl like me, kinda like being transported to another planet. If we ever go back, I'll have to check out the things you saw. They sound just as awesome. Us Southerners have to stick together and share, right? :-D

    1. Angel I am so glad you and your hubby had a great time in Vegas. If you read my other posts about my Vegas trip it was sorta difficult due to circumstance.

      We wanted to go to the Cirque de Soleil show but we weren't prepared to pay that much. (Our goal was to get married and we accomplished at least that!)

      We do plan on going there again to see the shows and spend time to visit the other spectacular hotel since we know what to expect.

      Thanks for stopping by my blog, reading and posting. Much appreciated!


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