Sunday, April 1, 2012

Prequalify? Home Hunting!

Well, its been a while. I need to stop over thinking and just write. I almost have more drafts than posts.

BabyGirl is back on her own and we are back to normal lives. She has a car now, at least more protection than the moped. I plan to get her something blessed, like a Saint Christopher medal or something to put in her car to keep her safe. It could not hurt right?

If you have read any of past posts you know we've had problems with neighbors. We live in an apartment. It was nice when we moved in a couple of years ago but it's starting to feel like the ghetto and a playground.

My love and I have discussed our options.
We could build on his land. Or
Buy a modular home and put on his land. OR
Keep or sell land and buy condo.OR
Buy house and keep or sell land.

We've pondered and started looking in the paper. Buying a condo was looking better as we have little lawn work to do and if we get a nice one we won't have to worry about the upkeep as you pay fees for that.

I went into action, surfing the web for condos/townhomes for sale within our price range and location we would like it. We went pass by a few that were interesting.

So I got into touch with the real estate agent and I told her we were looking. We were not in much of a hurry. We weren't sure what we wanted to do but were interested in LOOKING at a condo. After a few emails, she and I got in touch and she told me that before she showed us the condos she had, we needed to get prequalifiid. She said that if we prequalified, we would go from there. She added that she also had other listings that did not require prequalification.  But she wanted us to prequalify first.


A lender called me and started asking me those sales pitch questions. How much are you willing to spend? How much can you afford monthly? She received no answers because I felt like we were not at that stage yet. She irritated me so much that I cut her short without 'pre qualifying."

I wrote to the agent stating that from the start I had stated that we were just getting our feet wet and weighing our options. We were not in a hurry as we plan our next home purchase to be our last purchase. I only wanted to LOOK at the condo to see if that option was suitable.

The agent told me that most homes required a prequalification before showing. The reason is why look at a home that we can't afford. My question to her was who was she or the lender or anyone else to tell my Hubby what he and I can afford. We know our finances more than they do.  Of course she could not give a justifiable answer. I wanted to SCREAM


As I talked to Hubby, we agreed we haven't bought a home in a while but what the hell is with the prequalification? Yes I read up on the "Steps to Buy a Home" etc and it states to be "prequalified' or "preapproved".

What the realtor did not understand and proved that she was not listening, was we did not know if we wanted that option yet. Maybe she figured it was a waste of her time.

I totally understand the reasoning for being pre qualified. I wonder if we came up with steps for the sellers, how they would feel. What if we had cash to buy it right off? But they didn't even consider that. They lost a sale.

Our search is on....


  1. good luck to you with everything!! Hope you find exactly what suits you!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    do they have open houses where you can get a look and feel of the place and neighborhood?

    1. Thanks Momto8! I have visited your site and am following now. I've been looking for open houses but no luck thus far. Thanks for the suggestion! Looking forward to reading more about your life.

  2. Ugh. its a long hard process sometimes where everyone seems to be out for themselves. its been 6 years since i bought my home and 10years since i bought my first home. lol. so i can't remember if we needed to prequalify before even looking or not.. but for some reason, im thinking not.. but then things have changed :-( I am not looking forward to going thru all of that process in the future for a bigger home. :-(
    Good Luck!!

    1. Exactly Sara! UGH! Well I remember when I bought a home and I didn't need to go through this. But that was eon years ago.

      Thanks for stopping by! I know I've been absent but so much to do and so little time! Hugs!

  3. well, you were just checking the condos suitable for you right??? why do you need to be prequalified???

    1. Yes, we wanted to see if it was an option for us as some are two story. We needed to see if I could walk up and down them. That's what we kept asking, why did we need to prequalify? Even if that was not an option, we were ready to look at other options she could have helped us with but they were focused on us pre qualifying.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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