Monday, August 20, 2012

20 years ago...

Twenty years ago, I gave birth to BabyGirl.  I never knew just how much love you can have for one person before I brought her into this world.

When I held her in my arms I knew my life was changed forever. I just did not know how much and how.

My life revolved around her for many years and I do not regret one moment.

I wish her life could be a lot easier but I think we all go through different struggles that makes us who we are.

She has filled my life with love,happiness and pride.

She has taught me so much throughout her life.

I thank God he has given me this beautiful child, inside and out.

Let's go down memory lane with some pics.

5 years old


19 years old

It is hard to believe she has changed so much through the years! Wow, no longer a teen anymore!

HAPPY 20th Birthday Babygirl!


  1. Happy Birthday, Baby girl! Our baby girl is 6 this week and her mom, my Baby is now 37. The years fly so quickly. One day, you will be watching your baby grow up before your eyes. Hope your day was a special one!

    1. Thanks Path. She is growing up. Although I still call her BabyGirl is she no longer a Baby. Darn she is not even a teen anymore LOL. Yes they do grow up way too fast. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


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