Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fender Bender in Wallyworld's Parking Lot

Last Saturday afternoon, Hubby and I had to go to Wallyworld for the dreadful grocery shopping.  We attempted to wait until the meteorologist's predicted  storm to pass. The clouds came and went.

Since the day was almost over, we decided to take a chance.

As we buckled up and aimed for our destination, the clouds were looking angrier. Hubby and I weren't surprised. That's typical of La's weather. It can be raining in one spot and you turn the corner and it is sunny with no rain.

A little more than 3 miles later, we arrived at the Wallyworld parking lot. Since we had to go to both sides of Wallyword I strategized as I know how tiring it is for me. I decided it would be easier to  park on the opposite side from where we usually park as we had to go to both ends of the store anyway.

 I see someone getting in there car in the next aisle from where we scoping out the parking spaces for a handicapped spot. I moseyed over to the aisle. The person in the car was taking its time to move along so of course I was stopped behind other cars.

I had noticed when I stopped  I was behind a grandmaish lady and a child had climbed into their SUV. I know if the lady would have looked through her side view mirror, she would see me, right?

 In a matter of seconds, what seemed like slow motion,  simultaneously, hubby and I saw Grandma's tail lights come on and we both reached for the horn. I couldn't move backwards because a car was behind me. Of course, we weren't fast enough and she backed into us.

We were ticked off to put it mildly. So we get out of our cars to assess the damage with expletives from Hubby.

Lady attested, "Oh, I didn't see you!"  Hubby retorted that she looked through the side view mirror and looked right at him.

We made sure every one was okay. It was a mild fender bender.  My passenger door was bent and paint scraped off. Her bumper was scraped.

Lady whipping out her insurance, pen and pad quipped, "Not much damage. Lets exchange information and the insurance can take care of it."

 MyHubby announces, "We need to call the cops."  And walks away.

I continue to stand there as Lady babbles how it is not that much damage and she couldn't believe we were calling the cops. . The soft hearted person I am was caving and went to Hubby and suggest we get the information and maybe go from their.

He wandered back to the car and inspected the damage. He reminds me he had been burned by another accident years back when he only got the information so he wanted at lease a police report.

Lady looking up to the threatening  black clouds hovering persisted. "Oh, its going to take them too long and you can just call the insurance.There is not that much damage anyway"

I informed her maybe not but although it is a used vehicle, it is new to me as I haven't had it for a year.

Hubby wandered off again a few feet and called the police..

While he was on the phone, Lady continues to babble, "My granddaughter thinks I am going to jail.  Last time it took the cops forever to come...." On and on she went..

WAIT!  "What? "The last time?" I thought. That stirred my attention and changed my mind completely. She continued like it was an inconvenience to her.

I reminded her that SHE hit me, and it was an inconvenience to me. The cop came and wrote the report. No one was ticked because it was in a 'private' parking lot.

Monday I went get an estimate...drum..roll......

The estimate was $1084.  They have to keep my car for 5 days as they have to pop out the dent and paint the two doors so I will need a rental car. Such joy! Not!

Oh and as we entered Wallyworld about 25 minutes later is when it rained but stopped by the time we were on our way home.


  1. I know they wouldn't write a ticket because of private property. I think that's wrong. But at least you have evidence and she has to pay. The other time would have definately thrown up red flags for me to. some people never learn do they?

    1. I totally agree that it is wrong that tickets are not given on 'private property." But they can arrest people for shoplifting and tickets who park illegal in the handicapped places, although they don't all that much, that I have witnessed anyway!

      Some never learn or takes forever to do so LOL!
      Thanks for dropping by and wish I'd know who you were :)


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