Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wednesday Wonders-Doorbell

I've been brainstorming to obtain motivation to blog regularly. I have noticed I have 85 drafts. Yes, 85 posts I have started but never finished. I guess it is time to reorganize.

I have decided to commit to blog at least once a week or try to anyway. I thought maybe it'll be easier to set a theme since I have trouble thinking of topics  Let me introduce you to the first post of Wednesday Wonders.

What are Wednesday Wonders? They are questions of "Why?" or thoughts of "I wonder.." Hopefully, after this post, you will get the idea.

I invite you to participate. Send me your suggestions or any feedback. You can use the comment at the bottom of this post, my main email or Facebook timeline.

Why do people insist on knocking instead of using the doorbell?

I've had a sign with RING DOOR BELL taped to the door with an arrow pointing to the doorbell. I can say since we've been here, the doorbell has been used maybe a handful of times and that includes BabyGirl who has used it more than anyone.

Every month the maintenance man and pest control man comes to change the air conditioner filter and spray to prevent creepy bugs invasions.  They beat the door making me jump. I am not saying it if they used the doorbell, I wouldn't jump but I wouldn't be as startled and irritated for sure.

I have politely asked them to use the doorbell. Pointing to the door bell occasionally does not sink in either. I also pointed to the sign. Once they woke me up from a deep sleep and I was not a happy camper.

Rudely awakened or disturbed by pounding of fists vs softer doorbell? What is your preference?

Some of my family members ring the doorbell, especially BabyGirl.  She is extreme opposite.  We know when it is her at the door!  Her finger hits the doorbell and its like she has a nervous tic in that one finger.  DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! She continues until we answer. I am not kidding! 

I have scolded her numerous times. I ask her why she does it and I can't remember if she answered me. If she did it probably flew over my head because it was nonsense.

What are your thoughts of why people prefer to knock instead of using the doorbell?


  1. funny you should ask! I now have quite a loud sounding door bell and I actually prefer it, even though it startles me. I guess when I go to someone's house I hesitate to use it due to a baby sleeping, a dog barking, or perhaps on the other side of the door I think the person may say "Oh Gosh that is so formal". I guess I always have felt that doorbells are a little formal. Perhaps the workers that come to your house feel as though they would awake someone, or the dog may bark. Not sure! If you have a sign on your door saying RING DOORBELL, I would ring it!

    Great to see your still blogging, miss ya!

    1. That's a different perspective of thinking it being formal. If the workers are here, they do want to wake me up to state their business which is usually the exterminator or change filter. I promise you their knock scares me more than the doorbell!. When they knock on each of our doors,(we live in a 4 apartment complex, we all hear they are coming.

      Thanks for reading and commenting as well as being one of my faithful followers! I sure do appreciate it!!


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