Friday, September 28, 2012

Buying a Home...Like Pulling Teeth from a Chicken..

Buying a home is a trek in itself.

Then add lenders, salesman and government, state and city regulations make it even harder.

It is amazing how you can enter a salesman's office and ask if we can do something and they respond, "You can have whatever you want. We can work with you."

But when it comes to the nitty gritty, it is like pulling teeth from a chicken on a merry go round.  The antics salesman use is damn right frustrating. They must go to Sales school and they are taught how to not answer a question and work around it.

Where do I start? Hmmm...

Scratch that.

Let me say where we are. We are "pre-approved', have been for some time, or so they say. I am finding out that means squat when it comes down to it.

 Supposedly the lender ordered the title and appraisal so maybe in two weeks to 14 days we'll go to the FRONT closing. Supposedly there are two closings.Time will tell...So the saga continues....

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday Wonders- Sidewalks

I know I skipped a few Wednesdays, starting with Isaac fiasco. But we weathered it very well!

Back to Wednesday Wonders.

 Why don't people use the sidewalk when there is a sidewalk?

Are they really asking to be hit?  Around here it  surely seems so!  It is like they DARE you to hit them.

What annoys me the most is when they are walking dogs?

I would not say I am an animal activist but I have a strong belief that you need to take care of your pet just like you would take care of a child. One of those responsibilities is ensure safety.

There is this lady with 3 small dogs who walk them on the side of the road every morning, about 3 feet from the sidewalk. It never fails one dog is half in the road.  Should I mention the road has curves and they are so rounded that if an idiot blasts around the curve someone is almost hit because it is almost too late.

However, people walk on the side of the road, or should I say in the middle sometimes? They hear a car and turn around but do they move? Once I just kept going, mind you I was ready to stop at any moment. When they realize I may not be stopping, their eyes got big and shuffled to the side of the road. As I looked through the rearview mirror, I saw them cursing acting like I am the Moron!

I just want to stop and say, "Don't you see the freaking sidewalk? Why don't you use it?"

Who else thinks the way I do?  What are your experiences with Morons who are too lazy to walk 3 feet to safety of a sidewalk?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happy Birthday To My BFF

Today is a very special friend's birthday so I want to dedicate this post to HIM and the friendship I cherish with him.

He and I have never met face to face but yet we feel we know each other. I pray and hope that one day we WILL meet. I will probably be the more capable one to venture the 900 miles some day.
We have talked on the telephone and spent thousands of hours on chat as well as emails.

We met on Pogo several years ago. We were flirtatious and continue to be, in honest fun. Mostly with our pet names, Handsome and Beautiful. We chatted and played games against each other. We gravitated to Yahoo Messenger and email.

He has become a friend I love and adore.

He has made me laugh when I wanted cry.

He has been an awesome confidante and supporter.  He has been an advisor.  He has been a true friend. He acted like a parent waiting for my email or chat to let him know I made it safely after meeting a potential new love interest.

He is always there for me. He has made me laugh when I wanted to cry.

We have accepted one another unconditionally. Our friendship has never had any stipulations.

We can always depend on each other to be honest. We never sugar coat anything. Sometimes, it was brutal for the other but we knew it was what we needed. We knew what we said to the other was  not out of malice.  And at the same time, we knew the other was there to comfort after the blows we encountered.

He and I have a special bond that we refused to let anything or anyone break.

When we had a love interest enter our lives, we made it known that our friendship was not up for negotiation. I know a few times I've had to tell the potential love interest at that time to not even try because they would lose.  I can see when someone has not experienced a friendship like ours could be skeptical. It is one of those things you don't understand until you are in it.

I am blessed to have a wonderful, handsome, funny compassionate friend like Jeff.

Although we don't talk or email as much we know that we are here if we ever need the other.

I hope and pray his birthday is as special as he is because he deserves all the joy, love and happiness in the world!

Happy Birthday to My BFF, Jeff!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

This Is What Happens When I Am Left Alone In BabyGirl's Office Alone At

A while back before her 20th birthday, I went eat lunch with BabyGirl at her office. She had an unexpected meeting so I waited in her office. I became bored. Then I noticed a stack of Sticky Notes!  And these are the results! I captioned them since some are blurry and may be hard to read.
Don't Know When You'll Get this but my baby will be out of her teens, all grown up!

Your Mom is Proud of You!
Don't Forget this1 Your Mom (hearts) you!
Your Move Loves You LRG!

Love you bunches LRG. I will owe you a pack of sticky notes! Love Mom!
Your Mom Loves You More!
You make my heart sing and Happy!

My hope was that she would find one periodically since I did flip the notes randomly as I wrote. But the Smart (AZZ) and just can't resist a possible surprise she went through the whole pack after she found the first one. "SIGH"

By the way I did buy her a stack of Sticky Notes to replace the ones I had used!