Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Walmart: Complaint Letter

This pretty much sums up my trip to get gas yesterday. Hubby had used my car the day before, used almost all my gas. It was a little less than a 1/4. He meant to replace the gas but my poor honey was pooped so I excused him. When I told him about my ordeal, he apologized. But he did not need to.

I was so fed up I wrote this email. If I get any response I'll write another post.

To Whom It May Concern,

Yesterday I visited your business on Evangeline Thruway in Lafayette, La as I do regularly. 

The past 3-5 times my husband and I have visited your business to purchase gas, the paper was out EVERY TIME on Pump 7 so we had to walk to the window to get a receipt.

When I visited yesterday I decided to try another pump so I went to Pump 5. Again, I had to walk to the window to get a receipt because the receipt did not print out at the pump.

What is the purpose of having a self serve pump and pay at the pump when it does not work? If this occurred  occasionally that would be a different story. But I am not exaggerating when I say 3-5 times. My husband visits the station at least every 2-3 weeks and I visit 1 or twice a month, nearly the same times. We have also called the number on the receipt with this very same complaint.

But my visit got worse yesterday.

When I walked to get my receipt your employee was blatantly rude not acknowledging my complaint. I felt like I was talking to deaf ears. She did not say ONE word to me, not even a hello. And then, she did not hand me the receipt, she pretty much flicked it to me.  This is not the first time Murphy's employee's have been just rude. I am sure there are many others who would like their jobs.

Lastly, there has been an increasingly number of what appears vagrants soliciting your customers at the pump. Yesterday, a vagrant man was begging and when I told him no, he pursued me until I got into my car.  I felt unsafe. As I inched my way out I nearly hit him with my car because he was walking begging another customer not paying attention to traffic. Luckily for him and your business I saw him before it was too late. By the way, this is not the first time I have seen this particular gentleman begging.

I am feeling unsafe and irritated every time I go to your business and will consider moving my business elsewhere if these issues are not addressed and resolved. Feel free to contact me to discuss this. 

I gave my NAZ and telephone number so we shall see.


  1. This is incredibly irritating! What has happened to customer service?!

    1. You got that right. I was not a happy camper! Customer service tends to forget if we don't come to their establishment, they could be out of a job.


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