Thursday, November 15, 2012

Home Buying Update: Land

In July, MyHubby and I began a search for a new home. We had enough of the downfalll of the neighborhood we live in not to mention the obnoxious neighbors we have above us.

We had no idea what we were getting into. To see or be reminded of our  ongoing frustrating adventure click here for the beginning of our journey and for a follow-up a few months later, which is not much of anything go here.

I am happy to say the light is brighter at the end of the tunnel. 

We have signed the front closing. There are two closings for this lender. I don't know the technicalities but the loan has gone through!

So the business that is selling us the home is finding contractors to do the improvements we need to do on our land. I want to share with you pictures of our land. We have a tiny bit less than 3 acres. Most of it is L shaped. In addition there is a  of woods by a bayou across the highway that is also ours.

The mobile home will go right in front of the sewerage cover you see right in front of the brush. The green building and house is our neighbors. There is dirt under that brush. The view is from me standing in the middle of the land

View of the middle of land to future driveway. Across the road is also our land, the woods and the bayou is a few yards from there.

This is the short end of the L.  The next door neighbor was allowed to use that little portion for a garden. I have no idea why he needed it because he has a nice backyard but Hubby gave him permission since we weren't using it. We own the all the way to theland to the road, a little pass the light pole.

I was standing at the other end short L as shown in previous picture.

Back of land to road

This was once a shed. I think Hubby told me that the shed was once his grandfather's The wood just rotted collapsed during a storm. We watched it slowly break apart and finally collapse. There is all kind of stuff underneath there. Not sure how much is salvageable. But we will eventually tear it down and dispose of it.

So this is the land we are going to put our home. It is the outskirts of a small town of Arnaudville, population 1060.  Yep it is in the country far away, well almost.

Friday we are having a man to come update our sewerage pump and pump it out. Finding someone to do it was a trek because of the type of pump. Can't blame me on that one because Hubby bought it way before he met me!

Our salesman is finding contractors to put the pad and do other improvements for the home as well. We will have to move the electric pole further up and put the line underground. 

By the way our initial salesman quit. Remember the one that just didn't seem to be with the program. So we are with a saleslady with whom we met and feel much more comfortable with.  The salesman is hoping they get us in before the first of year. So are we!

Stay tuned..


  1. So happy for you Lisa .:).....I am sure you are very excited....a new beginning for the new year...CONGRATULATIONS!!

    1. Thanks so much Sandra! I appreciate it. Yes! Very excited!!


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