Wednesday, April 10, 2013

CAPTCHA and Comment Moderation

I always hated to have to type a CAPTCHA to get on a site or comment.. Mainly because the letters and numbers are so indecipherable at times. Maybe its my damaged brain but sometimes I can't figure out the letter or number for the life of me. They can be so close together or in some sort of obscure font, my damaged brain will not process.  I give myself a minimum of 2 tries and max of 5. If I go over the 5, sorry I'm moving on. Yes, I've come up with some of those ridiculously CAPTCHA's like that. Yes I change it and another crazy CAPTCHA comes up I just can't get.

I totally understand their purpose. But I still don't want it on my blog. I THINK, (I can be totally wrong. And I'm sure I will be informed if I am), adding one more step to comment can turn what could have been a commentator move on without leaving a comment. I have been one of those commentators that moved on occasion. 

I do go through the CAPTCHA the majority of the time especially if I like the person/blog. 

Recently, I've noticed some weird comments on my blog posts. After researching I figured out it was spam so I started thinking and researching.

I had seen Comment Moderation on some blogs and really thought nothing of it. It's their Blog.  It's their preference. It doesn't give me an extra step.

Remember I can be scatterbrained. I do have damage to my brain because of my cerebral palsy, you know? "SMILING"  I am so forgetful and I blame Cerebral Palsy for it too..Just kidding..

I know my mom NEVER let me use my Cerebral Palsy for any excuse to not do something. CAN'T was NOT in my vocabulary according to my loving Mom. I think I said it once or twice and don't remember the consequences. But whatever it was, I dared NOT say it, in front of her anyway. Uh uh. No way!

Anyway, back to my point.

I've noticed some 'advertisers' etc leaving comments on my posts, that I have deleted. It is irritating. If it would have been even a little close to the subject of the post, I might have left it there..but it was way off topic.

Therefore, I am sorry to say that I have initiated comment moderation. I apologize that you won't see your comment immediately. I do have it set up  to send all comments to my email so I  can approve them ASAP.

Thanks for your understanding, support and love. 


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who goes through the Captcha annoyance!!

    1. Sorry you are also annoyed but at least now we know we are not alone! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


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