Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Home Buying: Chaos Continues, Lender

Last post I was stressed with losing my Walmart Gift Card and Bank Debit card. My day didn't get better. The mail-lady came later than usual with 2 pieces of certified mail, one for me and one for Hubby as well as 2 other pieces of mail for each, same company. 

If you have been following our atrocious journey in owning a home, we had problems from the get-go. As we look back, we can see where there was times when we should have just walked away from the whole mess. Unfortunately, we didn't. And here we are.

The original Lending Company who gave us our loan sold it to another lending company. Then that lending company sold our loan to ANOTHER one. I think our loan has been bought and sold at least 4 times since January. 

I think that is totally wrong, especially when we weren't notified for each turnover. Why can they change our contract just like that? And we can't? There is definitely something wrong with this industry.

I don't quite understand the whole process but thankfully Hubby does, at least a tad more. Even though the original Lending company sold it, they are still in the mix because if the company that bought out loan doesn't abide by their agreement, the original lending company can do something. I do not know exactly what.

Anyway, last week we also received a rather nasty letter from the insurance company for something because the lending company is not talking with the insurance. 

Since our original move in date was so screwed, it moved our Loan Due date. So our first mortgage payment was for February. Hubby sent it.  It was cashed. 

Let me say since the mortgage lender has changed so many times, it is freaking confusing.  Where we sent the mortgage payment, on the note, it has 4 different addresses and phone numbers. I don't mean same office. The BIlling is in Carolina, Tech support in Texas, and so on. It's absolutely ridiculous.

Hubby has called these people numberous times but can't get anyone. There is something wrong with their phone line because he goes through the automated but once it gets to a real person, its garbled and they are disconnected. He tried it on his phone, my phone and his work. He tried different areas..Same thing.

He has received threatening emails and phone calls, when he can't get to the phone at work. When he attempts to return the call, the call is dropped. I am not saying this happened once or twice. I am talking about 5-10 times, if not more.

We keep getting mail and stating we are in default  All four pieces of mail we received yesterday were the SAME THING.  Alot of wasted postage, wouldn't you say? They tacked on about $300 more dollars. It says it is now in collection and we could foreclose and lose our collateral? Excuse me?

Hubby keeps telling them they cashed the check and he was NOT sending another check until they found the one we sent. They told him to send a copy of his BANK STATEMENT proving it. 

My poor Hubby, who is normally a very patient reasonable person, refuses to do it. He asks (And I totally agree) why do WE always have to prove everything? 

I suggested we offer a copy of the cancelled check but not the bank statement. What is it with these freaking financial institutions?

Hubby has stayed in contact with our original lender's contact we've been dealing with. SHe is sorta the go between and she will get back with him after she finds out what is going on. We refuse to pay the note until they figure out where the hell our first note went.

I told Hubby, it might cost us more but maybe it is time to hire a lawyer for legal advice. 


By the way I did go to Wal-mart and I have to say it went smoothly. I brought them the receipt. They deactivated the old one and gave me a new one with my previous balance. It worked at the gas pump without a hitch! YAY! Finally Wallyworld comes through for me.

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