Monday, April 8, 2013

You Lose Walmart GIft Card---You are Screwed.

Today I trudged to do my absolute necessary hated errand of the month. If you have followed me I hate shopping and I double hate Walmart.

I go to check out and reloaded my gift card I use to put gas in my car. I also used my bank debit card to pay and get cash back. From that moment to my car I have no clue where they went.  I searched my car 3 times. Emptied my purse many times after. I walked back into the store asking the clerk who waited on me if she saw my cards. She said, "No, but you forgot a bag." It was MyLove's Orange Juice. He needs that Vitamin C.  She suggested I go to the Customer Service.

SO I walked to Customer Service and met up with this mean looking Caucasian employee. I asked her if someone handed in my cards explaining to her what they were. She snobbishly and grumpily said, "Not to me." I asked her if she could ask the others who worked there. She huffed and said, "I don't have time". Boy did I wanna Bitch Slap that Bitch or what? She walked away before I could get her name.

I came home depressed. I unloaded the groceries and saved the groceries HOPING I had stuck them in a bag. No Luck. I check my car again twice. Hubby checked my purse (Yes I allowed hm to snoop in my purse, otherwise my purse is off limits like his wallet is to me. It's just one of those unsaid rules). Still NO Luck.

So I called my bank and they deactivated my card and ordered me another one. My new one will inconveniently arrive 5-7 WORKING days.

I called Walmart Customer service. Debbie, the rep was very nice. She said I had to bring the receipt where with the reload to the MANAGER where I reloaded at and tell them the problem. They will give me another one  I told her what happens if it was stolen or picked up and used. She said that is why I need to go back to the store ASAP to let them know.

I asked if they just couldn't deactivate it and transfer my balance to a new one. She said, She was sorry but I had to go to WALMART again to do that.

SO in the meantime if someone uses it I am screwed. I don't have ALOT of money on it but guess where I gotta go again tomorrow. I wanna

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