Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mothers Day

It is so ironic that alot of mothers are stressing about what needs to be done for Mother's Day.  I thought Mother's Day was supposed to honor Mothers and give them a day of rest and dedication? Or at least a cooked meal that we don't have to bother with.

It can get sticky if you have multiple mothers in your family. For Example: There is My Sister, her mother-in-law and about 7 mothers in my brother in laws family. My sister also has a daughter in law and a daughter who are both mothers. Then there is my mom, Hubby's mom and one sister in-law on Hubby's family. And last but not least me.

It is usually at my Sister's house on my side of the family. She usually has her mother in law and maybe one or two of her brother/sister-in-laws) and have boiled crawfish or my brother in law barbecues.

By the way my brother-in-law makes some of the best BBQ ever.

For Hubby's mom, we usually take her eat out because our little apartment we were in was just too small to entertain.

My family (Mom, dad, daughter, sister and her family) use to go to Piccadilly and we all paid our own way. But Piccadilly is closed where most of them live and I doubt if they wanna drive all the way where I am.  Besides sometimes we just want to be in a private place to relax and be ourselves.

My sister called and said they were barbecuing and all of my brother in law's family will be there as well as mine, a total of 25 people.  I couldn't see her doing all of the sides so I asked her what to bring. I'm bringing my infamous potato salad. It's time consuming but I don't mind. She has a few others bringing other food. But you know its mostly mothers who will be doing the preparing.

I'm hoping as soon as we get furniture or at least the living room cleaned out I can take some of the stress off my sister for days like these. I think it would be cool to have my family and Hubby's family get together as they haven't met each other yet.

I remember my daughter was working on Mother's Day so she and I would go eat somewhere during the week. She also has her stepmother but we've had that worked out well. It's sorta understood that Mother's Day my daughter is mine. And Father's Day she is her father's. It is only fair right? LOL!

So what how does it work for all you mothers out there? Do you end up doing most of the work?


  1. Wow! u all will be putting a lot of joy an effort into ur awesome get together. since I am adopted an don't have any bro. R sistas, my sons an I usually go eat out. But this yr. We are suppose 2 have steak an bake potatoes! Whic I won't b the cook!! Yeaaaaa!! Well wut a blessing for u an ur fly. I think its so great for fly. To b together. So happy for u all!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. You are blessed to have such a good family. That's awesome, you don't have to cook. I think we are both blessed to have a loving family. Sounds like a nice simple but delicious meal. Happy Mother's Day.


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