Wednesday, August 14, 2013

You May Think Twice Grabbing a Grocery Basket....

It sucks to have an Autoimmune disorder (AI). Compound it with every other chronic medical malady you may have, it is indescribable.

You'd think I would get used to being sick or having off- the-wall crap happen to me.  However, as I age, it's like I don't want to deal with it anymore.

It's not that I am giving up or have a death wish. I just get...I can't think of the word.

Maybe....Disappointed? Discouraged? I don't know.

I am awed with some of my doctors how much my little body has endured through the years and I am still here. When I go to a new physician they look at my history and say wow!

Here is my latest medical craziness I have endured and conquered.

One day I woke up feeling drained and felt something wasn't right but couldn't pinpoint the problem.  I 'existed' for a few days with no energy.  I thought it was my sinuses/allergies/asthma flaring because the weather has been humid and rainy. My throat had been scratchy off and on as well as laryngitis. I remember feeling feverish but I seldom run fever when I am sick so I never take my temperature. I didn't have a thermometer anyway. (I do now though)

A few days later I woke up with sores in my mouth and a rash on my hands and feet.

It was difficult to eat because of the sores. I thought okay I get these mouth ulcers time to time. Although they are usually on the outside and not inside.  I swished with the mouthwash my dentist gave me then an hour later, I swished with Dr Tichenor's, the mouthwash I usually use when I have mouth ulcers. I normally dab a little of Dr Tichenor's full concentration or Gly-Oxide.

 My hands itched and some little pustule sores were appearing. I thought it looked different from my usual psoriasis I occasionally get .But I didn't really give it a second thought.   I applied some cortisone cream.

My feet were worse. I had a big area of pustule sores on the soles of my feet. They itched and hurt at the same time. The itch so bad I wanted to scratch my skin off. I could hardly walk because it hurt so bad when I put pressure on the sores.

The beginning

I finally get to my doctor a few days later. It was full blown by then. He announces that it seems to be Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease. Do not confuse it with the foot and mouth disease that attacks cattle sheep etc. It is a different virus.

I thought, "Oh great! What else is going to invade my body?"

My doctor explained it to me and BabyGirl, who had taken the ride with me.

Hand, mouth and foot disease is seen mostly in children. It is a highly contagious viral bug. There are several ways of transmission.

Personal contact such as "saliva swapping' as my Doc puts it is one way for it to be transmitted  I only 'saliva swapped" with Hubby.  Hubby had no symptoms.

Or in the air like someone coughing and sneezing.  I had not been around many people.

Or touching something a person with the virus touched.

As I started deducting where I could possibly have caught this. I was at a lost. I don't go out much and prior to the visit I had only gone to the grocery story a couple days earlier.

He proceeded to tell us  that grocery cart baskets are the worse for germs.  Kids put their mouths on them, slobbering or wipe their nose. We both said,"Ewwww." I think that was the most likely way I acquired it.

Think about it. I am sure every parent has reprimanded their kid for putting their mouth on the basket handle or where it shouldn't be. I happened to just search for more information and out of curiosity  Here is an article that may interest you about the germs on those baskets.

I already knew that bit of information but when someone says it like that, it wakes you up. It makes you want to wear gloves or have Handi-wipes with you every where you go and wipe every surface before you touch it.

He said it was rare in adults but with my medical history and low autoimmune system I was one of the rare adults.

Such joy! Not!

Yep, leave it to me to catch some off the wall virus that adults rarely get.

It usually runs its course in 7-10 days . But with my medical history and to rush it along he gave me 7 days of very high dose Prednisone which helped tremendously.

I felt like a leper as the sores grew than slowly scabbed. Most of the scabs fell off so I am normal now, I think. As 'normal' as I ever will be anyway. HA!

You don't realize how much you hug and love on your spouse until you can't do it. I'm a touchy-feely type of person and those days were the roughest not to even be able to kiss him good night. 

It was a grueling week.

However, I survived and continue to move on to other craziness God has planned for me.

I bet next time you go to a grocery store and grab a basket you will think about what I said about the germs. Bring those Handiwipes or as the article said, wash your hands.

I sometimes laugh at my BabyGirl when she brings out her Hand Sanitizer. I am getting me some too. I don't know if it will prevent but I am sure it will help!

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