Wednesday, August 7, 2013

It Is ALWAYS Somethin'!'

This past few days have royally sucked

First:  Friday, someone stole BabyGirl's karate weapons out of her apartment. From deduction, we firmly believed it is an employee of the apartment complex she will be soon moving out of. Those weapons were worth 100's of dollars. She filled out a police report and complaint at the apartment complex. She was royally ticked off as we were.

We learned that her karate weapons can be considered weapons like guns. And if these weapons were used, if she hadn't filed a police report she could have been held accountable. I think she relayed that to the office.

Lo and behold a few days later the apartment complex "found" them in a trash bag in the back of their offfice.  They said they went in to inspect and thought she had moved out so they cleaned it. Excuse me? I think that was a huge crock of BS.  Yes, she is moving next week but all of her stuff is still there. It made no sense. Management needs to have better communication with their staff IF that was so. But we are so relieved to have them back.

Friday night and Saturday: I had diarrhea and felt like crap with this virus I have. i continue to feel sick..but such as my life. 

Then Monday rolls along.

If you have read my previous posts, our home buying has been a complete nightmare Its been six months since we moved in. We had to turn in a "Punch List" for them to come out and fix things They told us to wait a month or two for everything to be settled. We started calling a couple of months back. They said the manufacturer was going to call for an inspection. We were unavailable for the day so we told them to call the next day. Well they leave a message on the day we told them not to call. Never heard back. We returned the call and had to leave the message. No return call.

Contacted the dealer again and as it always has been,  a runaround.

Here is the correspondences:

Hubby send the first one. I put parenthesis because due to potential future legal ligation I don't want to state the name of businesses.


Ok, it has been close to six weeks since I first contacted you and nothing has happened! I have contacted (Dealership) several times and so has my wife. Seems like I will have to go there in person, though even that has not worked in the past, which I will do Monday afternoon. 

I do not care who fixes or not fixes, or who the middle man is I just want it fixed. I purchased the home from you and that is who I deal with. Foreign concept I know, but in my experience a person usually deals with who they bought from. 

Whatever needs to be done needs to be done!! I have been patient and tried to be reasonable, but after what I went through buying this house and now waiting over a month (6 months after moving in) for some contact there is a real problem here!

(Manufacturer) called me for a 2 question survey on a 6 month follow up which was a waste of time. No one is really concerned! Why? Are you really trying to delay this until work does not have to be because warranty period is over!! I guess BBB and lawyers are my next step.  
If you wish, although you will be seeing me in the afternoon, you can call Lisa during the day at 

The girl who works there called me back and asked what I needed to be done. I told her we sent her an email six months ago with the list and thought the Manufacturer was supposed to come inspect it. She promised she would call the manufacturer and call me sometime that day. She also informed me of that the owner Hubby was going to talk to was on vacation. We didn't believe that.

She also said sometimes the manufacturer is backed up and hires them to hire their contractors. I grumble and said "Great! Ya'll suck." They have shoddy contractors. They have them come 30-90 miles away and we were not impressed with ANY of them.

Of course she never called back.

That night I sent this email:

SENT: Monday, August 05, 2013 6:32 PM

 I talked to Tammie this morning and she promised she would call me back today (Monday, August 5th). No call back as promised. 

The next morning she responded:

Sent: Tuesday, August 6, 2013 8:30 AM
 I was waiting to hear from the (Manufacturer) that is why I hadn’t called you. I am calling them this morning and will get back with you on this. I am sorry I didn’t call you and let you know what was going on yesterday, but I really rather have an answer for you than nothing.

I was trying to be nice and responded:

Sent: Tuesday, August 6, 2013 9:27 AM

Okay thanks for getting back with me this morning. Just trying to stay in touch...rather it be email or phone..much appreciated.

She rattled off 2 minutes later:
Sent: Tuesday, August 6, 2013 9:29 AM
As soon as I get in touch with them I’ll ither e-mail are call you. I had to leave a message again this morning, but if they don’t call back in a few minutes I will call them again.

My response: 
Sent: Tuesday, August 6th 9:34 am.

Okay thanks!

Nothing happened. No big surprise for us.

This Morning My email at 5:46 am:


Our patience is ending. No communication from you or (Manufacturer).

I would think since you are the dealership, getting in touch with the manufacturer would be a lot faster than this. Going on about 6 months now.

This is utterly ridiculous

Her responses: 
8:15 am

As soon as I can get some answers I will let you know.

I wasn't around to respond as I was not around and my phone does not have the internet.

9:46 Am this morning she writes:

Lisa, I will be making a work order for my guys to go out and do your repairs. Once he gets the work order he will call you to set up an appointment to do work. I am sorry it has taken so long but we will get it done. I will do what I can to get this done asap. If there is anything else I can do please get in touch with me.

10:03 am. My response:

Okay Tammie but what happened to (Manufacturer)? 
Your guys have not impressed us at all but we shall see.

Thanks for the email and run down. I'll let (Hubby) know.

So, am I missing something or does this look like a runaround? 

Just to name a few items on our punch list:
Dishwasher has not worked since Day 1.
They turned off the faucet outside that they shouldn't even had fooled with.
Some moldings are coming off.
The doors are not properly installed. I cannot get out of my front door. I keep telling Hubby if there is a fire in the laundry room, I am freaking screwed because I can't get out of the front door. I maybe can break a window..but it is not the point.
A shelf in my pantry was not installed properly and it fell down.

To add to that aggravation, Monday, our mail box was smashed. It is the second mail box we have had that has been smashed in six months. It looks like someone just passed by and hit the pole really hard. If you look close the yellow flag is between the pole and purple debris.

Hubby came home around 3 pm and saw the mailbox standing up with nothing wrong with it. He came into the house for maybe 15 minutes then went back out and saw the mailbox on the ground.

We called the Sheriff's office. It took 4 phone calls and an hour for them to get here. The dispatcher gave the cop the wrong address at first. Hubby told them the address and highway number. How hard can it be? It is not hard to find. The parish is not that big. But it shows where are our tax money is going. Nowhere. When we were going through getting everything done in getting the permits etc for  the home the parish employees kept saying it was somewhere where it wasn't or they had no clue what was going on.

Yep our taxes are paying for these morons.

Anyway, the third time the dispatcher put Hubby through to the cop and he said he was on the wrong road but in the area. 40 minutes passed. FINALLY, the cop comes. He said he had several backed up calls. No crap. It takes long when they don't know their roads. We never see them patrolling. We'll see the State Trooper but never the police or sheriff. 

I don't know. I think our public service people such as cops should at least know their area.

He asked if we had any enemies. We said no but we've had our spats with 2 neighbors.

The one in the back used to pop fireworks and use the land when we were not here. We could tell because there were firework debris and the other neighbors told us. Hubby talked to them and everything seems fine.

The man next door threatened to get a nuisance order a couple of weeks ago because he insists our broken down shed which we are intending to do something about, is harboring wild animals that are getting into his garden eating his veggies. My first reaction was that building has been that way for years, before we moved here. Why mention it now? We've been here for six months, why wait so long to mention it?


Secondly, how does he know it is from our yard? Yes, the shed is right by the fence at our property lines. But there is a freaking bayou behind a patch of woods right across the street.  Hubby told him to do what he had to do. But things settled since. And we honestly don't think he would do something like busting our mailbox.

Oh and this man who is bitching, is the same man HUBBY allowed to use a portion of the land for a garden FOR FREE when we weren't here. SO When the man brought the mess up Hubby reminded him that the piece of land he used needs to be put back the way it was. The man has since got it to the way it should be for the most part. But so much for being neighborly. 

In the end,the cop said he would make a report but nothing much else he can do. 

So this morning I moseyed on down to the Post office since the postal lady didn't stop yesterday to see about our mail. Here is how the conversation went:

I informed the Post Master about our mailbox not being up and requested any advice to put up the mailbox without it being able to be destroyed again. 

He advised I needed to be careful because if we have it in brick or cement and someone runs into it and gets injured or killed they could make us liable. 

I raised my hands and probably rolled my eyes. "But our box is being destroyed, twice in six months,; I exclaimed. 

 Post master repeats: "I am telling you someone gets hurt, you are liable I wouldn't put a very strong pole, brick or cement." 

So I asked him for an alternative.

He said I could rent a box for 32 bucks a year and be through with it. 

 I was flabbergasted and just outdone and asked, "Why should I have to fork up 32 bucks to rent a box? That means we have to come to the PO to get our mail WHEN the mail can be delivered at my home? 

I thought but didn't verbalize, "WTF!"

 He shrugged and said, "You don't have to check it every day."

He didn't get my point and I think this is all bullshit. I am so tempted to brick the damn thing or put cement and let someone try to destroy it and hurt themselves and see what happens. 

Out of all the mailboxes on this highway, we get ours destoryed. We are not at a corner. The box was where it was supposed to be.  

I did read the guidelines of putting up a mailbox and the PostMaster was right for the most part but I still think it is all BS when someone is intentionally knocking our mail box down.

Hubby and I only want a simple life. We don't bother anyone. We stay to ourselves. We pray together.  We have been trying to serve God. We have gone back to Church. I pray every single day and read Scriptures. I try to do right with God and I think I do a pretty good job. 


Nothing is ever easy. We feel like we are cursed.


  1. I kow you are totally made about this, as you should be. But the think that keeps coming back in my head is.... "Morons Are Everywhere". I so need that t-shirt

    1. Pam, Yea I love that and also "You can't fix stupid' goes through my head as well. We so need these shirts!! Thanks for reading and responding!


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