Thursday, October 3, 2013

Throw Back Thursday And Birthday Wishes

I decided to share a picture and short story about the picture for ThrowBack Thursday.

First, I want to say it is my birthday. I feel it is a miracle in itself that I made it this far. 

I have an "uncle" and friend that shares my birthday. Different year but same day. I write uncle in quotation because I could never call him Uncle Robert as I am older than him. We used to play together. He used to tell me I needed to call him Uncle.  But I refused and still don't call him Uncle Robert. We laugh about it. Don't know if he reads my blog. I already wished him Happy Birthday on his FB page. But for in case he does HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNCLE ROBERT! I'm saying Uncle just because it is our special day HA!

There is another person who shares my birthday although she is not with us anymore. She is an angel in heaven. She was a year younger than me and we grew up together on The Island. I remember one year her mother gave both of us a birthday party which I still remember to this day. She was a kind loving person. I miss her and think about her, especially on our Birthday.  Happy Birthday Gwen!

Now onto the subject of my post.

I don't remember who took the picture. I assume it was a staff member. I assume their focus was my legs hence that's why part of our heads are cut off.

This is a picture of me at 9 years old. Every few months I would go the Crippled Children's clinic. (Gawd I hate that word "crippled") When they closed a few years ago I was able to obtain my records and this photo was one of a few included.

I suspect they took pictures to see my progress. 

I loved that shirt! It fit my personality at that time.

The person that was with me was my orthopedic doctor/surgeon. His name was Dr Brown. He lived in New Orleans and flew done to see a few of us then he would fly back the same day. When I needed surgery which were quite a few we would travel to New Orleans to him.

He will always be an inspiration and my hero. 

He went to heaven several years back.

You see, he had polio. He understood what us kids went through with surgery. He was caring and loving.  He was awesome at what he did.

He used to call me his Sunshine because I was always smiling even though I had tears coming down my face in pain after surgery or when he moved my legs a certain way.

I remember I did what most thought was impossible, learn to ride a two wheel bike. He was surprised but so happy and proud of me. That look on his face of delight will always be in my memory.

I hope he knew how much he helped his patients and how much we loved him.

Do you have someone that impacted your life? Who is your hero?


  1. Well Happy Birthday Lady! I hope you've had a great day. I loved seeing this picture of you as a kid and hearing about what a fabulous orthopedic surgeon Dr. Brown was. Thank God for him. I believe that doctors who become doctors because they have known suffering, make the best and most compassionate doctors. We need more Dr. Brown's in this world.

    1. Thank you Barb! By the way I am so happy you are back and Congrats are you successes! Yes, he was an angel in disguise.We definitely need more of him in this world. Thanks for dropping by and Commenting. Love ya!

  2. This is such a wonderful post. I cried the first time I read it and had to come back today to comment.
    I think the person who most impacted my life was my daddy and his work ethic and my mother and her never ending battle to make everything look better on very little money.
    I am having kind of a homesick day today. I miss them so much. These are the days when I need to call, but cannot because I don't want my daddy to worry.

    1. Well I cried writing it. I am glad I can touch you in some kind of way. My parents are my other heroes. Aren't parents wonderful. I bet if you called them they would love to hear from you! Love and Hugs! Thanks for sharing your story. We have such special people in our lives!


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