Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Lesson Learned: Keep On It Until Resolved

I received a spammed Paypal email stating that my account had been compromised. I didn't know it was a spam. However, I didn't fill out the form they requested because it raised a red flag with the information they wanted. I haven't used Paypal in ages.

I immediately checked my checking account and there was a debit card transaction from B&N I didn't recall making. So I contacted my bank and they cancelled my debit card and is sending me another one. So I will have to go through changing the accounts I have my debit card attached to like my insurance, etc. I will also need to learn a different pin number. ARGH!

But you know how things keep bugging you? When something is just not right?  It bugged the hell out of me!

So I called Paypal and customer service was so funny. She checked and said with a thick accent, "Oh ma'am you did not fill out the form attached to the email correct? " I told her no. She said, "Thank Goodness because it was spam and my account was not compromised. She said she will send me an email detailing how to tell if I receive another one like it. She did.

But there was still that B&N transaction. I got on B&N chat after trying to call. The connection was garbled on the phone. The CHAT rep told me that she did not show any transaction since August 2013. That sounded about right. We went round and round I asked her if she could trace it.  She said there was no transaction on my B&N account. I told her I knew that because I was staring at my B&N account but it still doesn't answer why I have a B&N transaction in my checking account. 'She finally instructed me to fax or email my bank statement. I told her I had a problem with that because they wanted my whole bank statement. I felt compromised already and if they can't trace the transaction on their end no telling how they would keep my bank statement secure.  I told her i would have to do more research and think on it more. We ended chat. I was frustrated.

I kept thinking, there has to be a way to follow that transaction.

The day went on and I kept thinking. Finally, I remembered giving BabyGirl my debit card number for a textbook she needed for a semester but couldn't remember which semester.

I feel like I can't remember as well nowadays. I'm getting old.

So I called BabyGirl and she said it was for last semester and swore up and down that she didn't do anything on the date the transaction took place. She assured me she tore up the information after she used it. She then sent me HER B&N account to show me that she didn't use my debit account on the date the transaction went through. 

HOURS went by. It continued to bug me. 

I called B&N and finally got through. I explained my predicament. I was transferred to the Fraud Department. The nice young lady was so pleasant and understanding. She said there was nothing on my account, which I already knew and was told many times by the rep on chat. 

I had mentioned that I had given my daughter my debit card information in December for her to buy textbooks on her B&N account. I gave her BabyGirl's name, She told me to wait a minute because she was bringing up her account. While she was doing that we talked about the weather and BabyGirl. 

I told her if it was BabyGirl I was going to strangle her but was confident she wouldn't do anything she wasn't suppose to do. She said she didn't have children and hesitant to have any because of such things like this. She sees it all the time, kids using parents cards etc.

Finally, she said she traced it. What happened was BabyGirl had not returned the book. She had rented it so it was a late charge. And if she doesn't return it by a certain day, my card will be debited the whole value of the book next time. Mystery solved. I thanked her profusely and told her the matter of the book not being returned yet will be addressed and resolved immediately. She laughed and said she was sure it would because she knew I was now angry at Babygirl.

I called Babygirl and fussed at her. She said she forgot and they usually send her a notice. I told her everything I had to go through with Paypal, canceling my card which was a great inconvenience because I was having preauthorizations  coming through and making me worried. 

If she would have been in front of me I would have bopped her on her head many times LOL!

She promised she would pay me back and mail the book the next day. She apologized profusely.

I don't want her to pay me back. I just want her to send the book back. 

Thank God it is her last semester.

I see a few more grey hairs growing. 

In the meantime I had a subscription and save Amazon order about to be deducted from my account through my debit card. I notified them that my card had been cancelled and as soon as I received my new one I would add it to my account. I inquired how I could pay them otherwise.

They responded in a way I know they didn't even read it. I wrote back to them not as nicely.

As I researched more on Amazon I figured out a way to change payments to my checking account for the time being. It does look like they finally received the payment and my shipment is being processed.

Thank You Jesus!

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