Sunday, March 2, 2014

Free Magazines Keep Coming

I want to thank everyone for their support and thoughts on my mysterious pain in my last post. They mean a lot to me. I did not go to the doctor for various reasons. I know I will eventually because although the arm pain is somewhat better my neck continues to be a problem.

Now on to my main purpose for this blog post. 

Let me give you a little background. Hubby and his ex lived here when they were married for a few years. Then they divorced and both eventually moved off the land so no mail was coming to this address for A COUPLE of years.

When Hubby and I moved here we had to fill out the moving form and on the address form we put Hubby, my daughter (because I sometimes get things from Social security or school) and myself. 

Ever since we moved here we've been getting mail for his ex.  It is periodically and mostly junk. It just goes into the garbage. What we think is important, Hubby either notifies her or we just send it back writing "Person does not live at address." 

Then we started getting Prevention Magazines with his ex's name on it. Those are interesting so I keep them and read them. I figured if his ex has not changed her address it's her loss. If she is not getting them she'll contact the company. Hubby doesn't seem to have the incentive to let her know.

January is when we started to be bombarded with magazines galore. I sent some back again stating "Person does not live at this address."They keep coming.

Every month we've been getting issues of Elle, Cosmopolitan, Redbook, AllRecipes, Shape, Esquire, Bazaar and Prevention.  The subscription expiration dates are in 2015.

I am not interested in any of them to buy a subscription but hey they're coming to my home I'll read the Prevention, AllRecipes and Cosmo. 

They keep stacking up. I thought about just keeping them for about 6 months and then put them all in my mail box with a big sign "(Ex's name) DOESN'T LIVE HERE!" Maybe the Postmaster will get the message but I am not confident with my past communication with them.

I don't feel like writing to every single publication. Besides if they can't keep their mailing list straight, it is not my problem.  

I have come to a conclusion of what I can do with these magazines. I will read the ones that interest me. I'll give my daughter the rest and the others after I read them., I am sure she can find someone who likes to read them and I know she likes some of them.

We will enjoy the free magazines as long as they keep coming.

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