Thursday, March 27, 2014

Losing My Mind!

Yesterday I woke up and had my sock half off on my right foot.

I have no clue how my socks fall off my feet at night. I must be doing a lot of moving although Hubby doesn't complain and 3 sleep studies didn't show any such thing.

But I couldn't find my other sock. I nearly took off the linen from the bed.


I looked all over the bedroom.

No Sock.

I decide it'll show up or it just walked away. Who knows?

I go to the bathroom and do my morning routine, perplexed about my sock.

I return into the bedroom to sit and put another pair of socks and my shoes on.

I finally found the sock! It was on MY FOOT.

I am not kidding you. It's exactly what happened.

I wonder if I am getting dementia, Alzheimer's or just completely losing my mind.

Has anyone done something like this? Please tell me I am not alone!

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