Tuesday, May 27, 2014

An Awesome Find at The Arc

I live just outside of my country hick town, I don't think even a mile from it. Several months back, an ARC store opened. The Arc is an organization to help people with intellectual and development disabilities work.

This store sells used products, mostly clothes that have been donated. It is similar to Goodwill except different missions, I think.

Years ago my ex and I visited Goodwill in the bigger city to find computer parts. He would build computers from these parts. What struck me when I entered was the smell of cigarette smoke. It was disgusting. I never went back. He once bought a suit jacket from there and I could not get the smell out for anything. Thereafter, I refused to buy anything from there and avoided the place except to drop off items for donation through the drive-thru.

 Coming back to the present, every time I go into the little town to go to the local grocery store, church, post office or pay the water bill,  etc I see racks of clothes outside occasionally,

I need clothes and shoes but I hate every aspect of shopping for them so I immensely procrastinate. I haven't gone shopping for clothes in years, like 20. I'll pick up a shirt here and there. I've had my jeans for so long they are start to tear apart.

Every time I passed, I'd think or say to Hubby when he was with me, "I need to go check them out."

I finally did last week.

I checked out the rack outside which I found a couple of shirts I liked but no price. A pet peeve of mine is when I can't find the price of something.

When I entered the store, I noticed there was no smell. There were a male and two females with obvious disabilities. They just stared at me when I smiled and said hi. An instant later, I heard a voice and when I stretched my neck behind a clothes rack I saw a lady behind the counter. We exchanged greetings and she asked if I needed anything.

I told her I was just browsing. She informed me they were having an $1 sale. She said the rack outside and two racks inside were the $1 racks. As I was looking I still didn't see any prices on the other items. As I walked around, I finally noticed a board behind the lady at the counter with the prices. I thought, 'Ooh I could go for these prices!'I noticed also they only took cash and checks.

When I went to the counter and she told me the total. I told her I didn't wan to write a check and I was on my way to Russell's Food Center so I would go there and get the cash and come back. That's what I did.

Here is what I bought:

You can tell I'm not a photographer but I bought a pair of American Eagle Jeans, and 3 shirts for a total of $6 and they all look brand new!

I wish they had more small sizes but that's my problem in every store.

There were racks of clothes for medium, large and extra-large. There was jeans, shorts, shirts, dresses, socks and shoes. There was a sign for pajamas but I didn't see any. They also sell dinnerware, books, computers, knick knacks etc.

They also have dressing rooms.

Another customer had come in while I was in the dressing room. Evidently, she was a regular. She and the lady behind the counter was talking when I came out of the dressing room. I only heard the end of their conversation. The lady behind the counter was saying some of the sales were going to another store near by. I didn't catch the name but I thought what a shame.

I for sure will be a regular customer!

I have a challenge for you. Next time you see an Arc Store, stop in. You may just find an awesome deal!

If you have been in Goodwill or The Arc, share your experiences and bargains.