Tuesday, June 3, 2014

No Use Crying over spilled milk

I just read cpdad and it provoked an idea for a blog post.

He stated how he spilled milk and his loving daughter sweetly offered her help.

CP affects my coordination and I have the same problem with liquids. If I am carrying something with liquid I need to be careful because as I walk it splatters. As long as I don't have to walk a long ways I am okay.  I usually don't fill the container to the top.

If I am in a restaurant or someone else's home, and there is soup or gumbo served, I ask my Hubby to carry it for me. Yes, it is very hard to do and I feel like an invalid but I realize it is better to be embarrassed then be mortified if I'd try to carry it and it goes splattering all over the floor.

I remember when I was with my ex and either my child or I would spill something he would get upset. He would yell at us and tell us how wasteful it was. I would just tell him to get over it. I told him she was a young child and her motor skills were not developed yet and we all do make errors.

I didn't realize how it affected BabyGirl until I had left him and we were alone. One day she was pouring some milk. It went all over the floor and counter.  Yes this time was careless. But I saw the terror in her face. She froze. I just looked at her and said, "Oops, just clean it up!" I think I helped her too. She frantically apologized. I told her it was okay. I remember that deep sigh of relief.

Sometimes when I spill or drop stuff Hubby is like what happened? I just say I spilled. Sometimes he shook his head in exasperation until I told him the story about Babygirl with the spilled milk and it is what it is with me. He spills and drops things too. Maybe not as often but it's always been that way with me. I do try to be careful. I told him he just needs to live with it. It is the way I am. It's not like I like to drop or spill.

Next time you or your loved one spills something, remember that it is not that important.