Thursday, March 5, 2015

CP Awareness: My Handy Dandy Tools

From a previous post you are aware that it's Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month.

As I have grown older I've had to let go of my pride and use certain tools including every day items to make my life easier.

I am blessed that I don't need any tools to walk such as a wheelchair, cane, walker etc. However, I do have a little trouble with steps.

My ex once built a ramp to our home in the back. Yes, he had some good intentions. I refused to have one in the front for everyone to see. I don't know why. Maybe my pride. Anyway, the ramp gave me more problems than the steps.  

If it is one or two steps I am okay but when it comes to more steps it is a challenge. I have handrails on our steps.

Fortunately, there are not too many places I go with a bunch of steps like our Church. There are handrails but Hubby is with me so he just holds my hand and I lead the way up the stairs.  He is sorta my support. Or whoever is with me at that time.

I have trouble bending down. I am always dropping something.  I cannot bend from knees because it's difficult for me to stand back u. If I bend from my waist it is hard for me to reach down all the way to the floor and maintain my balance trying to pick up something. A few years ago, my hubby bought me a Grip 'N Grab. It is such an awesome tool. It picks up things as small as a sweet pea and as large as a small hard cover book. I've been thinking about getting another one to put in a different part of the house and  another for outside.   I love it!

Sometimes my clothes get stuck all the way in the back of my dryer or on in the back of my washing machine.  I use BBQ Tongs or a spotted spoon!

For many years I have carried laundry baskets of clothes. I hated it. When I carry something bulky or large, it offsets my balance even more than normal and it is just plain awkward.  I had started to push the basket with my foot from the bathroom to the laundry, about 30 feet.

Then my loving husband bought this totally awesome rolling hamper

I am on Aspirin for previous blood clots so I bleed easier if I cut myself. Also, my hands are spastic so sometimes jars and bottles are hard to open. Although I use my Yoshi Blade knife sometimes, these kitchen shears are my tool of choice for cutting, chopping, slicking and opening jars.

So there you go! That's my arsenal of tools that make my life easier.

Share the tools you use to make your life easier, whether you have a disability or not.

As aways thank you for dropping by and go ahead if you like, and leave a comment.


  1. Lisa, you are only handicap in your body, but your life is so full and blessed from what I read here. Your a women to admire. Thank you for all you share with your followers, for what you have to say, for sharing your life.
    As far as the tools you use. I use the same ones, except for the laundry basket and I sure would like yours. That may be next on my list. lol I don see how any women can do with out those scissors, they are always used in my household. My husband and I use the grip pickers to work in the yard. We hate pine cones all over the grass and have a lot of them here in the South. I get on my golf cart and use them to pick up trash blown over from the
    Little things of life....they help all of us.

    1. You are so sweet Path! Thank you for your kind words. You are so right about the little things helping us all. I don't wish to be admired but thank you for letting me know my blog affects you positively.

      I tell Hubby I need an ATV to get around our almost 3 acres but he just shrugs and I'm sure thinking, 'That's all we need for her to kill her self on" but a golf cart might work better. Yep we live on a highway and cars are always passing with their occupants throwing trash out the window. Oh and I so know about those pine cones.

    2. We use our golfcart almost everyday. I can pul the roping dummy in the arena for my Cowboy. From time to time he and our granddaughter hit a few golf balls out in the pasture and I go retrieve them. He doesn't play golf, just hit the round ball. lol We carry hay to the barn and feed to the horses. Ya really need to get one.

    3. I had that discussion with Hubby last night in regards buying a used golf cart or even a scooter.He's thinking about it and depends on how much they are going to cost. Maybe I can look into Medicare to see if they can help with the cost. Thanks for sharing and that idea!

  2. What a great post. I absolutely love my long kitchen thongs. I grab things from the back of the fridge, the bottom cabinets etc. with them. Ray's house is fortunately on flat ground so I don't have to do steps anymore. My knees are so bad now so this is a huge help. You really are an inspiring lady! XX

    1. Thank you Barb! Yea, aren't they awesome. I do the same. When things are too high I step on my step stool and grap it with either my BBQ tongs are gripper. We have 5 steps to get into our home with handrails and I'm used to them. I'm so glad Ray has made your life easier as far as the home goes. I am grateful that I can inspired others. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I kind of miss pine cones. I have a lemon tree. lol
    These tools are so cool and I had dropped my black ink refill behind a bookcase and now I know how I can retrieve it without moving everything out of the closet where it is stored. I have Star Wars BBQ tongs.... I am going to use the Force. lol
    Love this post,

    1. Thank you Pam. Yep you go get one of those tools, it makes your life easier. WHen I drop things behind something like that I usually can squeeze myself in between, depending on how cramped it is using one of my tools. But using the Force will make it much easier now LOL!


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