Sunday, July 19, 2015

My First Stitch Fix

I haven't went on a clothes shopping spree in ages. I don't like taking a few pieces and try them on in a dressing room which usually doesn't have any chairs to sit on. I'll pick up a shirt or pair of pants here or there but to say I'm going shopping for clothes, NAH.

It is frustrating to find clothes to fit because of the way I stand/walk. I prefer tight fitting clothes like jeans or leggings. If they are lose fitting it looks all scrunched up in the back of my knees. Family members say people shouldn't be looking behind me. But they do. Some say it is not noticeable but I totally disagree. It is just one of the quirks I have about myself.

My friend Julaine posted on Facebook about a package she received from Stitch Fix. Stitch Fix is an online service for women. A profile questionnaire is filled out. You pay $20 styling fee (that will deducted if you should decide to keep one or all pieces) Your  personal stylist  chooses 5 pieces of clothing and accessories and mails it to you.

You have three days to try it on and decide to keep it or return it. If you keep all 5 pieces you get 25% off.

I decided to try it. What could it hurt? It would be so convenient. It could also make me look at certain styles that I would otherwise didn't.

I was excited when the package came to my door! I ripped open the box and found two shirts, a skirt, a cross body handbag and cardigan sweater.

 I am "modeling" the  Papermoon Bastille Tulip Sleeve Blouse under a Jaclynn Cardigan with the Mode Luxe cross body bag. The skirt is a beautiful Garland Geo Print Maxi Skirt.
Collective Concept  Esten Button Up Sleeveless Blouse-Sorry I didn't get a pic with it on me. It was too big a
Tulip Blouse I have NO clue why Hubby takes my picture me my hands splayed out like that. But then I think maybe that's just the way I am, always trying to get my balance. Hubby calls me a windmill sometimes because my hands are always moving when I am trying to keep my balance. HAHA! Yes, my hair is a mess and you see the junk on the floor. is all picked up now. 

Close up Papermoon Garland Geo Print Maxi Skirt. 

Moda Luxe Venice Zip Detail Crossbody bag.

I think my personal stylist had the right idea. I want to give her credit for finding Petite sizes which was still too big. I guess I'll have to find a seamstress eventually. "SIGH".

I liked the Tulip sleeved shirt but it was see through as well as the other shirt. I suspect the idea is to get a shirt to go under it but I have the attitude if I pay the price I shouldn't have to add anything to it. I realize I may have to change my mindset.

As you can clearly see the Maxi skirt was way too long which is not a big surprise. I'm a short person and I have that problem often. I loved the design but just not on me. It makes my hips look wider than they are.

The purse was almost perfect but it was a little too wide and the straps way too long. The wideness was making me off-balance. You can see in the picture the excess strap . Loved the pockets though!!

I kept the Cardigan because it fits perfectly and it'll go with anything.

That was my first Fix. I scheduled another one for next month. When my stylist and I finally get my style and size, I think we'll have a long lasting relationship :).

If you should try this program I would totally appreciate if it you'd put me as referral so I can get a discount. My referral link is https://WWW.STITCHFIX.COM/referral/5414640

By the way, I was not paid by the company to make this review.

Until next time…

Monday, July 13, 2015

Imagine Never Feeling Unconditional Love

Last night I was watching 60 minutes. There was a segment about a show called Alive, 55+ and Kicking. It's for those seniors to have a second change to sing. The founder Vy Higgensen's mission was to preserve African music, She wanted to create a story with the individual singing.

Members started sharing their stories. An ex-convict who served 40 years in prison. A mother losing a son. An alcoholic.

A man named Matthew Burke made my heart stop. It wasn't that he spent time in jail for selling drugs. 'It wasn't that he committed a violent burglary.

It was that he never experienced unconditional love. He never felt loved.

How can that be? It is incomprehensible to me. It made me sad. It broke my heart.

He found a case file showing that he was abandoned in a hall at age 2-1/2 weeks old. A Priest named him in the first foster home he was placed.

Imagine having a life where you were only a number. An abandoned number then a prisoner number. Imagine living life thinking NO ONE loves you.

He doesn't know who his father or mother is. So he sang the song "Georgia" giving his mom a name.

How sad is this?

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Update on Dad

So much has been happening. I forget the days or what happened when. I think often if I feel this way I can't imagine how my dad and mom feel.

Monday, I made all the appointments and did what had to be done except one because the doctor's nurse did not return my call THREE times on different days. I am tempted to just go for the appointment and tell him his nurse didn't return my calls. However, it so far for them to drive back and forth.  My sister said she could bring them but still. They shall see my face first thing early in the morning Monday.

Tuesday, I picked up his police report. It is so scary to read it. My heart wants to drop out of my chest. I didn't go to Mom's because I had Speech Therapy. Mom insisted I not neglect myself. I so wish I had. Maybe the chain of events would not have occurred. 

My Mom had to bring him to ER the day I didn't go. He had a urinary tract infection.

After the ER my mom went drop off the prescription at the drug store. As she was backing out of her parking space, evidently another lady was doing the same thing. They collided. First thing the lady told Mom (And Dad was in the car) that my mom hit her. No one was hurt and the damage wasn't too bad. Mom called the insurance and gave her statement that afternoon.

Wednesday, I went to my Mom's bright and early. They had an appointment with the orthotics place to put the brace right. It seems like it never fitted right. The girl who did it the first time while Dad was in the hospital was so impatient and rough. I told her numerous times that she needed to be softer. Yea, he was hurting already and maneuvering wasn't helping but she was pushing and pulling like a moron. My dad was pushing her hand away. I nearly pushed her. I told her sarcastically that he did have fractures and we REALLY didn't want them to break.

Sorry, I got ahead of myself. Before we went to the orthotics my Mom received a phone call from her insurance. I could tell Mom was getting upset. He was trying to make her say she had the sole liability of the accident. They hadn't called the police because it was on private property.

Keep reading. I have something to teach you for in case you didn't know.

Mom started saying, "No, I did not say that. You are twisting my words." This went on for about 5 minutes. I hated seeing my Mom frustrated and confused. I told Mom to give me the phone.

I asked who was speaking. He said, "Henry, from the Insurance company naming the company." I told him my mom gave a statement last night. He said he was investigating the claim.  I told him it sounded like he was interrogating her like a criminal and wanted her to say she was totally at fault. He was trying to tell me Mom said something she didn't because I was right there listening. I told him she had nothing else to say to him. I was royally ticked off. The way he was talking to me, I could tell he was trying to pull something over us.

When we returned from the orthotics place, I took her car and went get an estimate for repairs. Then I made my way to her insurance company. I have same insurance but different agent. Thank God.  I told the agent and owner of that location how the man treated my mother. I found out although it is the same company, each person has a different 'go to" representative. And the man who called Mom was for the other lady in the accident. He was fighting for his "client'. I get that but he was trying to twist her words and confuse her more than she is.

I told them that the man never introduced himself as such. Let's just say they know how mad I was when I walked out.  They said they would look into it.

I told BabyGirl a few days later that I wanted to take this man, beat him senseless and throw him in the ditch where he belongs. She was shocked about that. Truthfully, I can't believe that came out of my mouth but that's how much he bugged the hell out of me.

One thing Mom's agent said is very important! Regardless if the accident is on private property or public CALL THE POLICE. Ask for a crash report. It helps the she said he said.

The agent also told me that usually when they are both backing up the liability is shared. My Mom was fine with that but she refused to take the whole responsibility.

A few days later she had to bring him to the doctor because he developed a yeast infection.

Everything is calmed down somewhat. He is doing as well as expected.

Between my sister and I and all the wonderful people who has stepped up to help, we pretty much have it under control.

So that is where we are right now.

Thank you so very much for your love, support. prayers and hugs!

Until next time.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Dad's Accident.

It's been an emotional and exhausting week. 

As Hubby and I were retiring for the night Tuesday evening, my phone rang with my panicky crying  Mom on the other end. I could tell right away that something was very wrong. 

First, she never calls me at that time of the night. Second, I rarely hear my usually calm mother sound like she is losing it. She told me Dad ran off the road and had neck injuries. I was at verge of losing it  too but I knew I had to be strong for Mom. Of course, my Hubby was holding and supporting me.

The next 24 hours were grueling. Thank God for my strong Husband. Without a second thought or being asked, he decided to not work the next day and help me do what had to be done. I am so grateful for him.

At first they were at the hospital near their home 45 miles from where I live. Eventually the hospital transported him to a different hospital closer to me. I saw my dad in the emergency room 4 hours after that dreaded phone call. 

My dad is a very active person. To see him on a gurney with a neck brace immobile tore at my heart. He was slightly confused and in horrible pain. I never heard my dad scream in pain before. After he heals I hope to never have to listen to it again. It was a heart wrenching hopeless and helpless feeling.

His brain muscle is bruised and he has 3 fractures of the C-1 and C-2 cervical vertebrae. He is so lucky it wasn't any worse.

When they admitted him to a room my Mom insisted on staying.  Hubby and I came home at 3:30 am. It was decided that my sister was going to go to work and Hubby and I were going to tend to getting stuff out of his truck and other errands. 

After about 3 hours of restless sleep Hubby and I were on the road again. We went to the towing place. Dad was mainly concerned about his wallet left in the truck which we got and called them right away because I know he was worried. We took everything that was salvageable. I've never seen so many keys in my whole life. 

Here's what was left of the truck. The truck tower told us that they had to break the frame of the truck with the Jaws of Life and pull him from the cab's window because the doors wouldn't open. The pictures doesn't look as bad as seeing the truck.

His truck was still on the tow truck. That's why it is slanted.

I mistakenly got Hubby in the picture. hehe

I think this picture terrifies me the most.

As you can see the grid with flowers. He was hoping it was salvageable. It was  not. They had to break it to get to him out. 

 I always thought the grid of flowers looked morbid, like a funeral truck or something.

Dad went home Friday. He needs someone with him 24/7. Mom insists she is fine and everything is okay. So I told her Monday I will be at her house and if she needs anything I'm at her disposal. I have a long list I know needs to be done that I know she either hasn't thought about or doesn't think it is important enough to do.

My sister is doing all she can do. But she had to go somewheres with her Hubby pertaining to HIS health.

We had so many offers to help, love, support and prayers we so truly appreciate. I think MySister and I got it all under control so Mom can focus on Daddy.

Until next time.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Insecure Writer's Support Group

My dad was in a bad accident Tuesday night and I thought I had scheduled the post to run. I've been running around. He fractured 3 neck vertebrae. He is beginning a long journey to recovery. I appreciate any prayers.

A month sure goes fast doesn't it? Our lives are rolling along.

If I had not subscribed to the email for Insecure Writer's Support Group the day would have passed. I would not have written anything.

I was reading a post about Crutch Words. I knew I used them but just didn't know there was a name for  them and just how much I used them. I need to work on this problem for sure.

I'm so irritated with myself. I want to blog. I want to write a book.

I've set goals that I don't meet. I don't know what interesting things to write about. I get writer's block constantly.

Honestly, I don't have any motivation whatsoever sometimes. I WANT to write but my brain is not cooperating.

The irony is I write in a journal nearly every day. Go figure.

I don't post what I write in my journal because it is private thoughts.

This cartoon says it all.

Until next time…