Monday, June 27, 2016

Stupid Questions from Reporters and Sportscasters

Have you ever noticed the stupid questions news reporters, sportscasters and others ask?

After a loss, they'll ask, "How are you feeling?"  (Oh yea! I feel so great, I just lost)

Or after a win, "How is that feeling to win?" (Oh man I wish I would have lost!)

I feel for the players and coaches when they have to stand up after the game and answer stupid questions during the post game conference. Our LSU coach Les Miles has had some great subtle comebacks to those kind of questions.

I say they should just not answer but Hubby says that is part of the deal being on a team.

One person who really gets on my nerves is Dancing With The Stars, Erin Andrews. I think she should have stayed solely being sportscaster. She embarrasses the contestants and hounds them for the scoop. Or tries to make something out of nothing on the romance side. She is annoying to me.

I've had this draft forever and thought I'll post it today.

Until next time..

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  1. Do you remember Brook Burke from the early days of Dancing with the Stars? I think Erin is much better that she was. However, Tom Bergeron is the best.

    1. Yes I remember Brook Burke and she wasn't much better but if I remember correctly she wasn't so pushy like Erin. I have to agree, I love Tom!


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