Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Women Are Disgusting in Public Restrooms

You hear women say their husbands/boyfriends/kids are disgusting. I hear wives saying things like their husbands pee on the toilet seat and they are slobs among a few. 

Well let me tell ya!

Hubby and I went to his 40th class reunion in Florida. We had a few stops along the way because our bladders just couldn't hold 14 hours of urine. The majority of the women bathrooms were disgusting. There was toilet paper all over the floor, in the sink and stopping up the toilet. One toilet had poop ON the seat. I saw used tampons and sanitary pads in toilets. One was on top of the diaper changer. Many toilets were not not flushed

One bathroom I walked right out and told Hubby I wasn't using that one.

I suspect a few bathrooms were from teenager or kid works of vandalism.

I feel for the person who has to clean the messes. My stomach would not be able to take it and I was a nurse dealing with other people's poops and other bodily fluids.

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  1. That's too bad. Unfortunately, I know exactly the kinds of messes you are talking about. Generally, I find that the bathrooms at state rest areas are usually pretty good, so we aim for those.

    1. You're right. We did use some rest areas and they were much cleaner than Denny's and other retails and restaurants. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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