Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cooking and Eating Alone

Since MyHubby has been going out of town regularly for work lately, I have realized cooking for one sucks. I understand better why single people eat out often. 

I always had someone else to think about when I cooked, whether it be my hubby or daughter.

I used to say I can live on a can of beans and rice. One week I ate red beans, sausage and rice for 3 days. I became tired of it really quick. Haven't eaten it since!

The first day or two MyHubby is gone i usually devour the leftovers. If he is gone longer, that's when I get frustrated because then I have to start thinking of simple things to cook for only me. And have I mentioned I hate cleaning up?

I have considered it would be much easier to go get fast food. God knows, there are many but it can become expensive. And not to mention how unhealthy fast food is.  Oh and that means I have to get out of my comfy chair, put on decent clothes and get into the hot humid car to go get it. Not appetizing to me for the most part.

My hubby has told me that when he was single, he had 5 different meals he would eat every week. Very little variation and most of it was microwave. I never considered eating certain things cooked in the microwave until I met him. But all in all I rather the old fashioned on top of stove way, especially meats.

The other day we had a chat with a salesman and he said since he was divorced, every month he buys a bag of chicken, a bag of fish and a bag of something else and that's what he eats. It confirms to me that it may be a 'man thing'. Or maybe not.

Another thought I had was I can take a break from cooking when MyHubby is not here. He eats out every day when he is gone, paid by his company. So I figure by the time he comes home he is ready for a home-cooked meal. So I could take the easy way out but as mentioned before I just can't see myself spending all that money.

As most of you who cook the most knows how planning, preparing, cooking and cleaning can become monotonous. And to do all that for just me? Arghhh.

Thankfully, when MyHubby will eat just about anything I put in front of him when he is home. He is appreciative. We do get take-out to give me a break once in a while or he'll cook something (His microwave specialties) now and then. 

In the end though, I rather cook for two instead of one. 

To all you single (and married) people out there, what are you feelings regarding cooking for only yourself? 

Monday, June 25, 2012


It's been almost a month I've last written. I have about 10 drafts that I have started and I just don't have the motivation to finish or feel its good enough to post at this point.

What have I been up to? Ahh..a little of bit everything and a lot of nothing! I know it makes no sense. But it is what it is!

One little request..say a prayer to our loving God (Or whoever you believe in for good things) that the Lender will lend us the money to get our new home. We are waiting for the pre-approval of our loan.  Thanks so much in advance!

I want to address something that has been making me wonder. I am the first to say I have been awful in regualry following blogs or responding to some lately. 

I have noticed some blogs I subscribed to is not coming to my email and I have been too lazy to figure out why. However, it is on my to do list this week.

Every blogger has their own reason why they blog. Some bloggers began like me, used blogging as an outlet. We share our lives and our views. We give support and receive support. Most, like myself, don't expect much in return but am eternally grateful that some gives a comment or even just listening just to let me know someone is reading. Finding a friend or two is a bonus.

My blog is my personal journey in life sharing with those who want to be part of my journey. I also write for my own therapy.  

I have come across some bloggers who went from unpopular like me to very popular. I wish them the very best and do think they are worthy of the success. 

One particular blogger I have been following is awesome. He is a very talented and a versatile writer. He has made me laugh, cry and ponder. 

However, when I read on his profile that he has no time to read other blogs or comment on others, made me pause. 

Frankly, it irked me. However, I've been thinking.

Yes, he has 1000's of followers, He has real life. We all can't expect him to read each and every one of his followers posts, much less comment. He doesn't even reply that much on the comments on the post he has written. 

However, he should stop and think. How did he get where he is today? If all his followers disappeared, where would he be then?

I don't know. Maybe it is just me. 

What is your reason for blogging? What do you think about people like him?

Monday, June 4, 2012

Let's Find Mickey

If you have not heard by now, the community I live have a missing young woman. She was last seen May 19th leaving her friend's home around 2 am heading home. There have been law enforcement, search parties and volunteers searching for his young woman.

For the whole scoop you can go here. Also go here for more organized information.

They have found her bike, a week later in a nearby bay off the interstate. There have been sightings of her by surveillance cameras in the area on the day of her disappearance. The local police are looking for an owner of a newer model Z-71 white pick-up truck seen on the cameras.

The first time I heard about it, my first thought was "What the hell was she doing on a bike in that part of town at that time of night?"  Then I thought, "OMG this could have been my child!"

I do not know this girl. Never heard of her until she became missing.

I can't imagine what her family is going through. I can't imagine what the friend who was last to see her is feeling.

From what I have read and heard, she has taken this route before. She is an avid bike rider.

It is amazing how many people and businesses have stepped up in assisting the search to bring Mickey home. People all over the world have come and gone to search for this stranger.  Unfortunately, as the days go by, less people are volunteering, probably because they do have to work and have their own lives.

The more time passes, the less chance she will be found. No one is saying it in these words.

Lets just hope whoever is involved find it in their heart and realize they did wrong. Everyone, her community she lives in, friends, peers, relatives, law enforcement and strangers just wants her to return home safely. Let her go. Drop her off somewheres. Give someone a clue where she is and let her be found!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Children's Safety Should be First

I have to admit I have made my mistakes in parenting. We all have made mistakes with our children.

But when I read about parents leaving their underage children alone or forgetting them in the car makes me upset.

I admit I forgot my child once, at school. That day was in service day she got off early. I was going to pick her up. But for some reason some time during the day it slipped my mind and I was thinking I would get her at usual time. About 30 minutes after the early dismissal the school called me and once I heard their voice, my memory came back to me. "HOLY SH-T! I forgot!" I got to school in record time and she was crying. She was mad at me for days and has not totally let me forget it to this day. I felt so awful. However, she was safe and that is the ONLY time I 'forgot" about her.

I can understand being absentminded. But when a parent just leaves a child in the car to make one minute stops at a store or go party or whatever they wanna do makes me infuriated. My first question is "What the hell were they thinking?"

I have witnessed my upstairs neighbor leave their child in the car for 20 minutes. The car is on so I assume the air conditioner is on but WTH? I have thought about calling the cops once or twice.

A mother in Louisiana was charged with four counts of negligent homicide for leaving her 2,5,7 and 8 year old children at home and their home caught fire. This is one of many similar tragedies that happen every day somewheres.

I just read about a mother who had been smoking marijuana who had put her child in the car seat on top of her car, forgot about it and took off. Luckily the child is not harmed.

But as I read this stories and think, again, "What the hell is going through their minds?"

I think, when my BabyGirl was a baby I never left her in the car. And it took me more time and energy to get her in and out of the car than some because of my cerebral palsy and other health issues. All of you parents with cerebral palsy know what I am talking about.

It just seems more innocent lives are being taken or threatened due to negligent parents or just pure ignorance, maybe?

I am sure "It'll never happen to mine" goes through their minds. It is sad their wake-up call is losing these precious gifts.

Some may say losing them is punishment enough. But I don't know.

Children are depending on their parents. They are trusting us to keep them safe and take care of them. Children's safety should be first and foremost.