Friday, April 27, 2012

Wish Ex Would Stay Out of My Dream

It's 5 am and I woke up royally ticked off.

See, my ex was in my dream. Well, I think you can say it was a nightmare. 

The dream started that I was at a family reunion and we were hungry but the stew was not cooked.  My mom sent me to the store but when I came back everyone was eating. When I went to serve, there was no rice. 

I asked Mom what WTF was going on. 

She said, "I don't know. Everyone started eating". I said, "Well gee, I didn't get any and I'm hungry." She concurred that she was hungry too.

Then EX comes with our BabyGirl and demanded we needed to leave. I said, "Well the food is gone so I guess there was nothing to stay for.

We get back to the house that I had never lived in or recalled seeing. The three of us were joking and laughing.

All of a sudden, he tells BabyGirl to go to her room because mommy and daddy needed to talk. As always in my dreams, she was about 5-6 years old.

She leaves and he announces that if I don't get my stuff together in two weeks, he is leaving me and he was taking BabyGirl.

I asked him what he was talking about. He accused me of having an affair that he had caught me and I had promised I wouldn't talk to any of them again. HUH? I insisted that I never had an affair and he was crazy and couldn't prove in court. 

He pulls out letters that appears to be love letters between this guy and I. I argued I did not write those letters and this guy I have no clue who it was. Ex insisted that it was mine. I became very angry and irritated and shouted he was losing his mind.

We went back and forth defending our own case. He told me he already had a lawyer. His name was King Kangaroo. This is no joke. I am laughing now about that one.

Then his past verbal abuse started again. But it was at the stage where I used to fight back telling him to leave me alone and he needed to get a grip. 

BabyGirl reappears crying saying she did not want us to break up because she would be divided. I told her no she would still have us but separately.

Then Ex told me that I could have the house but he was going to sue me for the rest. I told him I didn't have anything else. He started ranting like he used to about nothing at all.

I woke up infuriated because after all these years of finally not having those kind of dreams occurred for no apparent reason. I have had no contact with him since BabyGirl's accident. He has not done anything to irritate me. I had resigned myself of not letting him, thoughts or anger into my life an more than necessary and I've been having a pretty good life. 

I knew I had to write this down so I can get it out of my head faster. MyLove was still here and I told him about my nightmare, He just shook his head and said it was only a dream I know it was only a  dream but having vivid upsetting dreams like that get to me and I always wonder why I dream what I dream. Because some can be so off the wall.

So I guess I'll mosey back into my bed and have better dreams to override this nightmare.

Thanks for stopping by and write something if you wish. I love to read my reader's comments.

Tis My Cajun Life

Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy Birthday to MY Sister!

Today is my sister's birthday! I won't tell her age for in case she reads this. She is the best sister in the world. You can argue with me about that with your own sister but I stand by that statement. SHE IS THE BEST SISTER IN THE WORLD!  Her name is Melanie.

God blessed me with one sibling and how awesome he chose her to be my sister! How special is that?!

She is a very strong independent woman I so admire. She has a heart of gold and like myself, wears her heart on her sleeve. She is a very loving and nurturing person.

She is also a wonderful wife, mother, grandmother, nanny, aunt, daughter and friend. There only a few adjectives I can think of at this time. But every positive adjective, that is her!

I love you so much and remember, continue to be the wonderful person you are. 


(I have no idea who is hugging her or whispering in her ear. But I love this pic of her laughing!)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Searching For A Person Who Has Impacted My Life

I know have so many other things to catch up with on here but here's something that's been on my mind.

When I was a little girl, I had several surgeries on my legs because of my CP. I remember my mom and dad driving me in their un-airconditioned and hot leather seat Buick 134 miles to New Orleans Touro Hospital. Those were some hot and sweaty trips!

The hospital had a ward of children having surgeries or recovering. I would drop their kids off and was never seen again until they picked up their child. I remember Mom acting surrogate to them.

Anyway, I also remember the Candy Stripers. There were young girls who came to visit the children, like Pink Ladies do. Do they even have Candy Stripers anymore?

Anyway, one girl I got attached to. She was a lifesaver for mom because she would come visit me and spend time with me. Mom would walk to the store across from the hospital and buy me treats and our puzzle books. Faith Rochon, the candy stripper and I played cards a lot. I remembered looking forward to her visit.

After my surgeries for several years she and I wrote to each other. The last time I wrote to her the mail came back to me. I've been trying to get in touch with her by finding her but all I remember is her maiden name. I think she got married.

I guess it is one of my missions is to try to find her. I have no clue on how to do that because I've lost all of her mail. I have pictures of her but it sure would be nice if she happened to look up her name and find this blog. I want her to know what kind of impact she had on me and my family. I want her to see how I've grown and would love to see her again. I want to see what happened in her life.

I found a person with her name on Facebook and have sent her a message. But I don't think that is her.

I have no clue how to find her. She could have moved out of state. So just say a prayer that God will lead me to her.

Thanks for stopping by and if you wish, say hi and direct me to your blog!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rebirth of my Blog

Happy Belated Easter! As I've previously written, I intend to write and start but never get to finish. Yesterday,  as I was reading an article about Easter. It reminded me that it was a time to rejoice and reflect on the resurrection of Jesus for Christians.

Then I thought I need to reflect and restart my blog. Just go with it. Start writing regularly again about anything. I reflected a few hours and have decided I work on it to much. I over analyze and over think. I try to make those perfect sentences to make my fellow readers to understand exactly where I am coming from. So I overwhelm myself and then don't write anything at all.

So here I am. I have one last installment of my wedding trip that took place 4 months ago. I have several others about various subjects started. I also need to return to 30 truths about me. So It is not that I have no material to write on.


I have been periodically reading others blogs. I see Blogger changed the format and  I'm not quite understanding why they are trying to connect to Goggle 1+. So if you have a simple explanation how to do it and why. I sure would appreciate it.

I hate that every thing wants to connect to Facebook, Twitter, etc. This 'share' things get on my nerves. Oh and then Facebook changed to Timeline. I hate it. It's just too ambiguous and our privacy is in jeopardy.

Does anyone else ever get into these phases that you get obsessed reading one particular blog?  I found this blog, Single Dad Laughing. He is a single father of an adorable son he adopted. He writes about everything he can think of and does it well. I can relate to him as a single parent. He writes about controversial subjects. He is a man of talent, integrity  and compassion. You can see that love he has for his son.  If you have a chance, I would highly recommend.

I shamefully have lost tract of my regular bloggers I used to read but my life just went topsy turvy just right when I thought things were settling down. I hope to at least restart to read them. I sometimes don't respond because well there are like 100's of comments already and I figure mine would just be a repeat of what everyone else said.

So here I am again. Hopefully I'll get the ambition to write more.

Two months ago I broke down and bought me a Mac-Air. It is my first Mac. MyLove who I will be referring to as MyHubbyQ from now on told me I deserved it. I am still learning the ins and outs of it but for the most part I like. If any of you have a Mac and can recommend some cool apps I would appreciate it.

Until next time...Peace!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Prequalify? Home Hunting!

Well, its been a while. I need to stop over thinking and just write. I almost have more drafts than posts.

BabyGirl is back on her own and we are back to normal lives. She has a car now, at least more protection than the moped. I plan to get her something blessed, like a Saint Christopher medal or something to put in her car to keep her safe. It could not hurt right?

If you have read any of past posts you know we've had problems with neighbors. We live in an apartment. It was nice when we moved in a couple of years ago but it's starting to feel like the ghetto and a playground.

My love and I have discussed our options.
We could build on his land. Or
Buy a modular home and put on his land. OR
Keep or sell land and buy condo.OR
Buy house and keep or sell land.

We've pondered and started looking in the paper. Buying a condo was looking better as we have little lawn work to do and if we get a nice one we won't have to worry about the upkeep as you pay fees for that.

I went into action, surfing the web for condos/townhomes for sale within our price range and location we would like it. We went pass by a few that were interesting.

So I got into touch with the real estate agent and I told her we were looking. We were not in much of a hurry. We weren't sure what we wanted to do but were interested in LOOKING at a condo. After a few emails, she and I got in touch and she told me that before she showed us the condos she had, we needed to get prequalifiid. She said that if we prequalified, we would go from there. She added that she also had other listings that did not require prequalification.  But she wanted us to prequalify first.


A lender called me and started asking me those sales pitch questions. How much are you willing to spend? How much can you afford monthly? She received no answers because I felt like we were not at that stage yet. She irritated me so much that I cut her short without 'pre qualifying."

I wrote to the agent stating that from the start I had stated that we were just getting our feet wet and weighing our options. We were not in a hurry as we plan our next home purchase to be our last purchase. I only wanted to LOOK at the condo to see if that option was suitable.

The agent told me that most homes required a prequalification before showing. The reason is why look at a home that we can't afford. My question to her was who was she or the lender or anyone else to tell my Hubby what he and I can afford. We know our finances more than they do.  Of course she could not give a justifiable answer. I wanted to SCREAM


As I talked to Hubby, we agreed we haven't bought a home in a while but what the hell is with the prequalification? Yes I read up on the "Steps to Buy a Home" etc and it states to be "prequalified' or "preapproved".

What the realtor did not understand and proved that she was not listening, was we did not know if we wanted that option yet. Maybe she figured it was a waste of her time.

I totally understand the reasoning for being pre qualified. I wonder if we came up with steps for the sellers, how they would feel. What if we had cash to buy it right off? But they didn't even consider that. They lost a sale.

Our search is on....